all right we got Dr Peter Mccalla back the best cardiologist in the planet but the best paper boy who ever lived oh man
I tell you what those days Buffalo New York two feet of snow digging into the
paper box huh you remember those days wow how much uh of those peaceful days
do you miss you know there’s something about being completely free of any phone
any connection you remember as a kid playing so hard and your mom had and dad
had no idea where you were and they said you better get home before it gets dark before the lights come on before the
lights come on right the street lights are coming on I remember just uh you know beating it down the street on our
banana bikes getting home as fast as we could you remember those days oh yeah so different now you know it said that a
child today if they are out of touch with their parents for more than I don’t know three hours it’s like an amber
alert yeah no it’s the end of the world like the world’s coming to an end let’s call the missing child department when
before you would have to find this people are all worried about um digital tracking have you heard about this
digital passports what have you do you know that it’s not hard it’s already there what are we worried about people
think they’re Anonymous forget it there’s no anonymity just check in at the airport they have they’re taking
pictures of your faces they say that basically we’re photographed um cameras you know so many times per day there is
no anonymity this idea that oh I’m going to keep a bunch of Secrets there are no
secrets it’s a different world you ever read uh Devil in the White City Eric
Larson Eric Larsson wrote about uh the World’s Fair Chicago late
1890s and do you know there was a couple thousand people who just went missing at
the Chicago Fair now the storyline is that there’s kind of a diabolical doctor and he’s abducting uh people and you
know he’s he’s killing them and and doing all kinds of awful things but the the the the bigger picture is that
people would disappear people in uh relationships they didn’t like they went to the world fair and they just they
just went somewhere else and no one could find them right if you lived in Philadelphia you ended up in St Louis no
one could could absolutely you know reach you back then we just didn’t have
that reach but confidentiality which is um the protection of information around us is
essentially gone and then anonymity that is our ability to be nameless or
unidentified uh that that’s also gone and we saw that with the pandemic people said well well where’s your vaccine card
well that you know we used to have what’s called protected health information it was protected no one
could know what your test results are now everybody has to has to Fork it out in front of one another what’s your test
result so we saw the abreg of what’s called Hippa the health insurance supportability accountability act and
protection of of health information it it seemed to just go by the wayside in
the setting of an emergency when they say test result no matter what it is even a blood test isn’t that just let’s
say 5,000 people get a blood test here’s the average and here’s what we’re going to say is the normal but my genetics are
different than yours and his so for an example like my dad has high test he’s
80 and his testosterone is 12200 at 80 years old no supplementation no
supplementation none at all but it’s just genetically like he’s always been like that no wonder you have such a full head of hair I tell you what you’re
going a long way what do you think Rob he’s never going to go as long as this stays I’m good otherwise I already have
my plane ticket to uh what’s the place I wrote down that’s really good Tennessee men’s hair club I will be the first one
I tell you what you know we shouldn’t we shouldn’t let this out but the girls always ask me you know what’s Tommy’s
status and I said you know I got some emails recently from Dominique so I kind
of kind of spilled the beans at you know Tommy may be you know kind of tied up
but they always ask and they always ask is the hair real yeah he’s probably
surging testosterone north of a thousand good G you know is interesting when when you’re um a young man in adolescent the
testosterone level can be uh you know 1 12200 1400 1600 you’re a man as you
approach 60 I mean that dwindles down to about 400 or so I mean it is a slide and
with testosterone there is a loss of muscle mass there’s a loss of of energy
and a sense of Vitality and many men and many doctors
subscribe to testosterone supplementation and there’s it’s had its controversies of whether or not it’s a
good thing to do should we fool with Mother Nature and what’s called sence which is a normal aging process or
should we try try to intercede uh the proponents said listen if you intercede there’s muscle strength and Bone
strength and Agility there’s no doubt testosterone improves physical performance of I mean like activities
exercise wave there’s no doubt about it uh increases sexual drive not
performance but sexual drive and it clearly has mental impact it changes the
brain uh but those who argue against it say wait a minute there could be a risk of Prov heart attacks or blood clots or
if there’s too much uh supplementation the testicles atrophy because the testicles you know feel like they don’t
have to produce any more testosterone because it’s all exogenously administered having said that it’s a big
industry I I look at each person individually as an internist and cardiologist I’m certainly not against
it and uh in my uh partner in practice I’m now in mckin Texas he’s a real
expert on that so I defer to him and he just knows exactly what to do and and it’s interesting so that’s testosterone
for men you know what’s a big deal is hormone for women very but how can you judge that because the guy line say if
you’re 300 you’re low but let’s just say your whole family’s 300 so I’m a guy
right let’s say my dad my brother my uncle we’re all 350 all our life that’s
just how we are we feel fine energy whatever if you go to a clinic because that chart says well 300’s low for your
age we’re going to pump you with t tone and then we’re not going to give you an anti-estrogen so that you keep having to
come back and we can build you for the testosterone that’s what kind of like they’re doing with the kids like a
friend of mine he’s 28 years old went got a blood test 400 testosterone
whatever they give him test cenate three shots a week 300 milligram oh good grief
with no anti-estrogen oh that’s no armex no and that’s what they’re doing so that
you can’t get off of it so now if you want to get off of it well you’re going to feel like [ __ ] cuz you didn’t right oh good point so my so my thing is if my
whole family is 1200 I’m not high CU I’m not walking around you know trying to
whatever everything I see I’m not I just feel normal but that’s my hereditary so
how can that blood test be accurate you that’s the Art and Science of medicine I always try to feel each patient out do
they feel okay do they are they vital you know I don’t I don’t personally take
testosterone and you I got up I I ran a few miles today I did some push-ups I
setups I you know did some scholarship you know got ready for this interview everyone asked me Dr Mar how do you how
do you remember all these things for these interviews I said I work at it I get up early I commit things to memory
I’m I’m precise in my statements I think anybody in the public view should do that but I don’t take testosterone
therapy but I don’t um discount that some people truly you know their body
senses that they need more each person is different it takes judg and uh I don’t think we should hold any
hard and fast rules all of these ranges by the way uh you know are population ranges and even Within These ranges
there’s differences even within the normal ranges of things let me give you an example one of the hottest blood
tests since the pandemic we measure is called D dier hell is that no oh man D
dier is the measurement of the little fibrin split products when when a blood
clot forms there’s little strands of fibrins or protein that starts to stop the bleeding well the body as it forms
these strands the body wants to clear them out so it has um fibrinol linic enzymes that actually snippet and these
these little fragments you can measure is called the dier test well it was noticed in Co that the dher test went
through the roof and we said wait a minute there must be clotting and then thrombolysis clotting and thrombolysis
so dier became this Hallmark of coid and blood clotting and then sure enough with
the vaccines so we we’re measuring a lot of d diers but what we’re noticing cuz
we’re measuring so many that even through a range of normal those at the highend of normal oo looks like a little
bit more vaccine effect compared those at the low end of normal and we’re trying to come up with strategies to deal with it well see I just think those
blood tests unless it’s a a doctor that really cares it’s just a money-making machine as well well come on uh you know
you go to like lab tests now you come out there probably in cahoots Cahoots with this yeah yeah Tommy that’s cuz
you’re hanging out with all these guys with all these tattoos pumping the iron I know these girls too come on uh uh
about 70% of all medical diagnosis in management come through the laboratory
most Laboratory test in terms of their true cost are pennies to a few dollars they’re not expensive and they’re so
precise the beautiful thing about Labs is that they don’t lie you know your sodium is what it is your body maintains
your sodium between 138 and 142 mqu per uh liter for sure and mine’s no
different you’re probably 140 I’m 140 Rob’s probably 139 and we just you know the Precision on Labs is incredible the
data behind the labs is incredible and they are very useful if if we did Labs
on you and your blood hemoglobin is down I’d say Tommy you’re burning the midnight oil too much maybe you got a stomach uler and you’re losing blood
through your GI tracks slowly and you don’t feel it um we’re able to diagnose certain cancers by blood test including
the PSA the prostate specific antigen that’s a prostate cancer blood test super useful I had a patient in my
office yesterday with prostate cancer and we are going through all the permutations on that so the the clinical
use of the lab is important I think every adult ought to have annual Labs the real question is should people
really go nuts with these things is what you’re what you’re seeing and and well like you’re a good doctor so even if
somebody’s high or low on something you’re going to go further more how do you feel what are you doing okay let’s
go to the next test before we start pumping you with drugs oh sure and we don’t order tests if there’s not a
reason now the FDA says there’s four reasons to get a test four not just one four reasons to get a test is one to
screen and detect disease like doing a screening PSA for prostate cancer the second one is to make a diagnosis like
ah I ordered your blood hemoglobin it’s low you have anemia your diagnosis is anemia or I measured your iron levels
your iron saturation in Fittin and your low your iron deficient so that would be establish a diagnosis the third one’s
important and that’s prognosis to establish a prognosis what’s the forast for you so uh a good example there is in
heart failure we measure a test called the blood BNP it forecasts how people
are going to do in kidney disease we actually measure a test called the creatinine and we can calculate it was
called the estimated GFR it forecasts whether or not someone’s going to really get in trouble and go on dialysis or not
and then the fourth reason order test test is actually to manage the disease so a good example would be the
hemoglobin A1c and diabetes so we’re managing oh we need insulin you don’t need insulin you need this drug or that
drug it’s based on the hemoglobin A1c so there’s four reasons to order a test now I’ve heard a lot of doctors on around
say the only reason to order a test is if it changes your management not true that’s only that’s only you know one out
of four so we order tests for explanation I just worked on a substack
this morning and I’ve been following the whole coid uh vaccine debacle as you
know and a lot of Innovations coming out of Japan why Japan why why is it I keep
here in Japan I love the Japanese they’re so the best word that describes a Japanese is they’re assiduous meaning
they just heavy precision and they persistent and disciplined and they just
stay after something you know they just they’re very serious people my friend went there and almost lost his mind he
went on like the subway to move around and nobody talks everybody respects everybody nobody litters throws their
gum he couldn’t believe it he was like this is the cleanest place I’ve ever been and everybody respects everybody on
the on the subway nobody talks even though they’re really packed in right yeah they’re packed in but everybody’s just very respectful nobody letters they
probably cut your hand off if you litter over there but yeah you know I um I ched a a whole clinical trial um good for you
uh program for the Japanese several different companies I’ll never forget we got to these junctures where we had to
make decisions whether or not the investment continues in this clinical trial and these guys would fly over from
Japan and they’d be so tight lipped it wouldn’t say a word and then you know theyd just be listening intensively you
could just feel the tension in the room because yeah I was thinking gosh you know if we decide to kill the program
these guys lose their job right these these guys lose their job they may they may take their lives I mean they’re that serious at the like how high are we up
right now yeah these guys would uh would you know at the break go outside and just smoke like fiend smoke
well they they’re working probably 37 hours in a day that there’s only 24 right so the point is the paper that’s
going to I’m going to have it come out on my substack because I I meter them out so I don’t overwhelm the audience on
subst but uh so it’s going to come out but I just did it today is they’ve been studying the EKGs of people who’ve had
these cardiac arrests after the vaccine very useful and they’ve come up with something so there’s a little pattern to
look at and I have not been in my office looking at this pattern as I should so they really taught me something and the
conclusion was that we can actually now apply artificial intelligence to EKGs which is interesting because an EKG has
a standard set of Curves I think everyone recognized the P QRS and T waves of an EKG well there’s a lot of
information there every single dot every single inflection is it going up and down the angles you know the intervals
and if one actually integrates that all in a big computer model and did it in millions and millions of people you
could find patterns and the patterns could really predict who’s going to get in trouble because as you know almost
every day another athlete drops I bet you I bet you the uh agenda absolutely
despises Japan well you it’s just they have the same issues in Japan they’re suing the companies right now there’s
legal efforts there’s kind of good guys and bad guys uh in Japan as well uh the
the challenge that the Japanese have in general and I’ve been going to Cardiology meetings and Medicine meetings now for decades it’s just the
language thing and so they tend not to get oral presentations they present their
posters you know they have to present in their you know the the English language
literature and the paper gets out there but they’re not out there to you know they don’t get to get on Tommy’s podcast and explain their their graphical
abstract and I think that’s the challenge now the Chinese are interesting I have been to China five
times and when the first time I went to China in the 1990s uh you you know everything was tight I flew into that
Beijing airport it felt like it was like a Soviet era then it was all gray and
and and kind of Da the restrooms were terrible and I when I got to the um immigration line this guy was little
little beady eyes and he he open my passport he looks at the passport he looks at me then he looks at my passport
looks at me then he looks at my passport looks at me then he goes and he stamps it and then he did then I know I said
these guys are just they’re following a protocol you better look at somebody in the eyes three times right and then we
got into to China this is in the ’90s which I think is so great I think it should be done that way so you get in I
get in my hotel and I’m in Beijing and um I said okay I’ll get up in the
morning and I’m going to go run and this is in the 1990s well there’s a couple like skinny little guys at the hotel
doors with like machine guns and they’re wearing military I said I’m going to go run outside is that okay and they just
kind of you know didn’t understand me so I went outside and then all I just got almost got mowed over by about a million
bicycles in the bicycle lane I mean it was just it was it was a frenzy these
guys it was just and there was guys riding girls riding s sadle in their skirts and there was a couple
industrious guys that set up little bicycle repair stations along the way cuz people everyone’s getting yeah
everyone’s getting flat and it was amazing so France that was in the 1990s
the last time I went was right before the Olympics and I was right back in uh Beijing and I was right outside that uh
the cube remember the cube that thing they made there no no bicycles none you
could barely May found one old man who had some sack on his shoulder riding a b they’re gone bicycle’s gone everyone’s
driving cars or they’re riding in subways or buses they are not riding bicycles anymore uh the old um Beijing
airport mowed down I think by eminent domain they took a zillion acres and
they built what’s called Terminal 3 Terminal 3 in b J is the largest structure under glass in the world wow
you know hundreds and hundreds of gates it’s like it it’s just it’s a it’s a Opus Magnus of glass engineering and I
remember saying to my wife I said you know what the Chinese aren’t going to military militarily invade anybody
because all it takes is one little bomb to drop over Terminal 3 and all that glass shatters and it’s just back it’s
back to square one but the point is about the Chinese since the 1990s and now when I would go to a lecture hall
everything was translated I had to go really slow and we said for heart disease we give an aspirin and
everyone’s taking notes and it was just so basic last time I went to China full English wow no bicycles and they’re like
you sit in the audience and we’re going to teach you about what we’ve learned wow I’m like okay so I mean I got to
tell you 20 30 years China’s completely changed Jep Japan has always had the discipline they emerged out of World War
to you know they they reconfigured uh their society they’ve always had tremendous discipline remember they were
great warriors as a warrior nation and uh you know and they really excelled I
mean the the Auto industry look what they’ve done in the Auto industry consumer electronics and uh you know it went it
remember it went made in Hong Kong then it went made in Japan now it’s made in China so the manufacturing just hopped
around and the Japanese are are up there but they are clearly leading the way on
vaccine induced Mo carditis very disciplined we we we just have to survey what they’re doing try to interact with
them very hard to do a zoom with the Japanese because we can’t largely
understand them that’s because you can’t the language is too hard plus I know you love Zoom so much you a big Zoom guy
every time we we absolutely uh love person freezes and we talking over other
you know well I mean what happens in Zoom what happens in Zoom when it starts to take on this w w I mean is that
people going into the Matrix yeah it almost seems like it seemed like I feel like a canu Reeves I was just going into
the Matrix you know like a Neo um but you know Zoom has zoom and of course all
the other um platforms have been part of this great reset whether we like it or
not a great reset has occurred do you know people nowadays actually completely get new jobs start new jobs and develop
all their work relationships by Zoom sometimes they never meet their boss face to face ever I just saw a story
about that I know but why now we have 3,000 satellites in space 30,000 how can
you not make a better Zoom how can you not make a better virtual experience oh
don’t get me going I mean I don’t I mean you have a rocket that goes up to outer
space all the way up got a Rover on Mars with a car if it feels like it comes back down and lands and we can reuse it
but I can’t talk to you virtually without a delay or some type of headache
do you you have any I mean you’re the one with 20 years of school I mean yeah don’t don’t get me going have you ever
uh watched that Saturday Night Live it’s been decades ago about AV guy no do you
remember the guy oh yeah it’s in a class they’re in a class and the teacher’s struggling with something you know an
overhead or a PowerPoint whatever it is and they said everyone goes we need the
AV guy and of course it’s the nerdiest guy in the class and he goes lunging forward and he he saves the teacher
because he’s the only guy who can log in and do something you know what I mean where the hell and and uh but the point
is why can’t we get something that works the analogy would be do you remember we
were kids and we got our first cars like you had to know how a carburetor worked you actually had to be able to take off
the air filter get in the carburetor spray some stuff kind of Jack it a few times kind of crank it you know you had
to do stuff like that I used to spend $50 for a Cann air filter just so it would be louder the cool thing you
change it take out the catalytic converter so Lou and then kids got really creative where they would have
this nitrous you remember the nitrous oh yeah yeah I I had sticker I had nitrous
from the back well here’s the point here’s the point when we grew up you actually had to know about cars to
actually safely drive a car because stuff could break down you could get you could get stuck and now we don’t need to
know about cars you get in a car you don’t even know it what’s underneath the hood you just hit go computers are still
in this age where you pretty much have to know about computers it’s like having to know about
carburetors 10 you know 15 years ago or 20 years ago you have to know about control alt delete it’s freezing oh you
got to do this you got to restart right it’s not autopilot it’s not and so all
these kids going into computer science I talked to him what are you going into computer science I said listen kid you
want a career why don’t you make something that works just make me a good zoom kid how much do you want yeah it’s
just make me something I want something that works it’s just endless fixes the
computer glitches it goes on and on and on uh people are frustrated you see so
many people struggling with their phones can’t you know was some glitch here and
there and you know it just seems like we’re in this difficult time right now let me tell you what in medicine in the
clinic computers are hell really hell people people come in well doctor I went
to the MEO Clinic I went over here I went to 16 hospitals and all my records are in the computer now they show up and
flip-flops and shorts I said lady I am looking at a blank screen there’s not
you know this I you maybe I could get to a record that’s in a PDF that could be
tens of thousands of pages how am I ever going to get to the MRI how am I going
to get to the lab test medical records are an absolute mess in the olden days we actually had a paper chart and it
said Laboratories tab oh there’s the labs there’s your lab results another tab xray oh there your xray results no
more you mean filed organized you could right now it is a total mess the screens
quickly get to about two point font I mean you’re just and so I’m telling the patients I tell the patient listen you
better get a binder and if you had a major operation get a copy of the operative report and put it under
operation so much easier you just come in because you and I can look at each other in the eye and we can go over it
because I can’t be over on this screen trying to be weed weeding through a 10,000 page PDF here’s my vision though
I’d like to see this I’m 60 years old I’d like to see it in my career to have the medical office be just like the
Avengers Iron Man Mission Impossible you know what I’m talking about yeah you go
in a room oh Tommy it’s great to see you Labs up uh EKG up up and everything’s
shown up in the air just like the Matrix yeah Tommy your your kidney function is there oh look at your
heart right there is a concern look at and just look up and I’d say okay and
then what I would do is I would examine you and then I’d say I think Tommy you
have a heart condition manifested by these three points here’s the therapeutic plan 1 2 3 4 we’re done all
of my thoughts all of our interaction is captured perfectly documented and I walk
out of the room happy and you walk out of the happy and I move on instead my life is Hell user ID password Citrix
winframe user ID password I I always love the old uh you know password for
everything and I can’t stand it at this point like [ __ ] I forgot my password I know there’s last pass and all that but
I’m like can we just get to a point where I have my thumb my [ __ ] eyes like you can do open your iPhone it’s
just it frustrating all of these systems passwords are impediments to progress
they really how many times have you just been boxed out of something cuz you can’t snag the I forgot the password for
that computer it got locked up and that’s like the M1 T whatever M it’s it
just got a lot we kept Chang we updated something and we hadn’t logged in for so long I could not remember the password
so we had guests here waiting an hour I’m trying to guess the password I had to hack into my own computer and reset
the password from here to it was a mess over these passwords but with M uh Iron Man is what I’m thinking when he’s going
like this I really thought by now we would be almost there yeah come on I
mean you know they have it with electronic medical records have
absolutely crippled medicine right now and we’re actually guessing a lot more in the office the operating room in the
hospital because we don’t have all the information presented to us in a way and
uh I’ve never ever since we left the paper record I’ve never felt as confident as I was as a Dr Bean because
I actually had the information everything there and it’s just so hard but you do think that’s available you do
think the Iron Man there’s no way they can’t make it if Marvel Comics do it I
mean come on I mean you bring up an interesting point because my mom she’s uh she had two kidney transplants um
polycystic kidneys oh wow so she’s you know on all these anti-rejection
medication with this with that with this so she’s got like a couple different doctors she has to go to and it’s like
they I don’t understand how but through like their systems like oh we didn’t see that on here and then well this
medication interacts with this one that’s why your blood pressure is high and this interacts with that it’s like how the [ __ ] with all this thing that
you can’t have all this stuff together where the one the next Doctor you go to sees okay this is what the doctor prescribed this it’s like a nightmare
well you know years ago um I played an advisory role on President Clinton’s uh
Hillary Clinton’s um uh you know healthc care panel for Bill Clinton was the
president and she was trying to head up this uh healthc care panel and you know
I was asked do you want to be on it and I and so I was on health information side me and a cardiac surgeon and I’ll
never forget this is in the 90s and we were going to Washington a lot we trying to put forward legislation and I was
saying listen we need wideopen communication so if you get tested over at this hospital the other Hospital
needs to see it it all needs to be integrated because patients our care is fractured we’re never going to be able
to see what’s going on and so me and the surgeon we were like yes we need to open records open this and that and then we
were stormed by the privacy people and the Privacy people came in and what was going on was the HIV epidemic people
said listen if we get HIV results get out there and there’s no privacy uh
people are going to lose their jobs and we have to have health and so we actually debated debated debated we
never uh wrote legislation that was ever got up for a vote and uh we basically
were disbanded after I don’t know a year or more at work and then Donna Shala came in she was heading Health and Human
Services and over a weekend uh she wrote the legislation Hippa health insurance affordability which basically said
listen you got to get all these releases all this so information does not flow
between hospitals I mean your listeners should know this you get tests over here there’s no way a doctor over here is going to see that you have to bring them
and you’re better off bringing them in paper format I I really think because paper allows a someone to engage with
paper and look at you you can’t engage over with a computer over here and be with the patient there you can’t and so
what patients complain about is I went to the doctor the doctor was over in the corner on the computer and the doctor
never looked me in the eye but but the worst that I’ve seen ever is when you diagnosed somebody said look you have to
go to the hospital and you go to say University of Pennsylvania wherever and for two weeks you get comfortable with
this doctor he’s got your charts you’re talking to him and then all of a sudden a new set comes in that just asks you
the same questions for two weeks that have no idea who you are this is major thing I went through it for almost two
years this young girl had uh autoimmune disease out of nowhere just 18 bam sick
and I and we had thought like just like you know didn’t want to go to school or something you know what I mean nope you
know it kept going on throwing up wasn’t eat lost her hair all this crazy [ __ ] long story short it was attacking her
liver kidneys whatever nobody could diagnose it they said this they said that blah blah blah because there was no
communication like you said eventually took her to University of Pennsylvania and then they were able to diagnose it
as autoimmune disease but this is two years of heart failure kidney failure uh
good Lord uh dialysis for an 18-year-old kid just out of nowhere it was wild but
I think it relates to no communication because every two weeks whether it was Hershey Medical Center or the other one
we went to and the other one every two weeks it was somebody new coming in asking questions and then what had
happened saying Hershey didn’t get transferred not all of it got transferred to upen and they were just
like what the hell with it we’re just going to do everything over it well that that’s the thing most of these upper level centers are teaching centers and
it can’t be the same person um every time it’s always like a rotation you
know when you fly in an airplane it’s not the same pilot every time it’s always kind of a new crew so people have
to be fresh there’s the rotation and so care becomes fragmented uh you know in
the midwest our CEST appeals for a lot of plac places the Mayo Clinic you know I I like the Mayo Clinic up until Co
yeah that was the spot to go to read things yeah and now they’ve lost their mind now I’ve given Grand rounds at Mayo
Clinic in the past given a certificate and you go to you go to Mayo Clinic and uh you know they pick you up in in a
limo drive you across the corn fields of of Minnesota and all a sudden out of out
of the cornfields you see these glass buildings coming up out of the the ground and it’s the Mayo Clinic and um I
met all these uh you know dig ified people uh they take you into one of the main buildings it’s all marble there’s
these nice ladies giv like warm chocolate chip cookies and and there’s a guy playing a piano and I was like fish
like I feel better already and uh but the mail Clinic it does symbolize
Excellence but I’ll tell you one thing they just repeat all the tests forget it they’re not going to rely on a single
shred of information it’s just everything is such a mess and they figure listen we are the court of last appeals we’re starting from scratch and
and you know I have um relied a Mayo Clinic for this uh you medicine is all
about second opinions I hope everyone really understands this yeah no two doctors agree on anything no two lawyers
agree on anything no two podcasters agree on anything we’re not clones of each other so we always have different
opinions now you get a complex case like that girl’s case of autoimmunity oh man you’re going to get so many different
opinions because the human body is complex so we have to be tolerant and we
have to encourage enage multiple opinions we have to encourage dialogue because it’s through all this vetting
does truth emerge in medicine we actually don’t hold the truth there’s no such thing as information or
misinformation in medicine it doesn’t exist it is we’re constantly using inferential thinking inferential
thinking means we’re making observations and then we’re we’re inferring that well
it’s probably this and we’re trying to get closer and closer to truth but we never really know it’s very different
than deductive thinking dedu Ive thinking is there is a law and the law
is absolute and we rely on it so there is a law of gravity well we rely on it
that’s how planes stay in the air you know we rely on various laws of physics what have you so uh deduction is very
different than inferential thinking and medicine is inferential thinking so because of that we always get a range of
opinions we we it ranges all the way from very broad-based epidemiology which is which you know I’m trained in that at
University of Michigan which is the study of the distribution and determinance of disease from large
populations all the way down to to molecular biology that you know we know a zinc molecule moves over here and
inhibits the the the you know the the robon nucleus of a you know of a
particular so one is more so an opinion and the other would be a foundation say
right so we in medicine we do have laws you mean we have various laws of acid base balance that we can rely on there
are laws of of thermodynamics in in cardiology we rely on various principles
of physics you know for instance we we rely on the Doppler principles is very important which is the the direction of
blood flow and velocities and I think your IQ might be too SM he’s pretty smart but in medicine we you know
medicine is one of the coolest funnest professions you know most doctors have
no Hobbies you know why CU we don’t need one we have such an interesting field if you ever go to hospitals and go to Grand
rounds which is our big you know weekly review of a particular case there’ll be doctors who are in their 90s coming in
on Walkers it’s like why are you coming here you’re 90 years old they’ll be dead if they don’t no well they got to keep
going right part they want to keep going but partly because it’s so interesting a lot of these old doctors said I remember
when we didn’t even know what this is now it’s this or I remember when we had
no effective treatment for this I mean let me give you an example when I uh trained in medicine at the medical
school level is at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas and so our you know our Hospital our main teaching
hospital is Parkland Memorial Hospital now that’s the hospital they took Kennedy to when he was shot in Dallas and it’s a storied you know one of the
largest busiest uh and probably one of the most famous public um hospitals in the United States many things I mean
Nobel Prize has been awarded there at UT Southwestern and cholesterol metabolism and I think five other areas uh some of
the critical things in in obien and preclampsia for instance I worked on it
new of Texas Southwestern a lot of things yeah oh yeah so um so a a a at
any rate um this idea that we could um
uh ultimately get to various levels of decisions based on
information uh was born out of kind of crazy places like Parkland where we
ultimately had to to put it together and there was a famed uh chief of medicine
there named Donald Seldon and he’d come from Yale he still had this kind of Cony Island New York accent and Donald Seldon
when he came said you know Dallas is a is a vast Wasteland and intellectual Wasteland and we need a university here
and you know Baylor School of Medicine was in Dallas and it pulled out MD Anderson was a philanthropist pulled it
out to Houston and formed uh the MD Anderson uh Texas Medical Center complex in
Houston so Dallas was without a medical center so bayor University Medical Center remained the medical center remained but there was no medical school
still had the school in nursing and and um and Dentistry but UT Southwestern came in Donald Seldon came to town and
boy he really changed I’ll never when I was a medical student I’ll never forget
uh uh he would do these uh rounds and we were terrified of him because he was viewed to be a giant medicine and uh he
had this again he had this Coney Island accent and he’d always have some coins in his pocket and he’d be walking up and
down the aisles and representing a patient and that he could call in any one of us like oh my gosh we used to
call him they tell me he walked around and jiggled the coins jiggled he jiggled the coins he was
called we called him the dawn said it’s the Dawn and so he goes
well you’re in the setting of pituitary Apple Plexi and this is when while he’s
playing with his coins yeah he’s playing with the coins and you can imagine the tary just kind of gland just melting he
goes there is a sequence of loss of hormones in the plasma concentrations
and that sequence is exactly what and he had arrived right at my right where I was and I just froze I was
like I couldn’t say anything I was the da had asked me a complicated question about the sequence of and so then he he
he’s hand he was flipping the coins little slower yeah in the coins and then he puts his hand out of his pocket and
then he puts his his his hand on my head he starts hitting my head like this hello and uh I think I I stumbled
through the answer but one of the notable things we remember about the dawn is that he he used to become so
enraged so so there would be a presentation of a patient and uh and you know because we have a students we have
interns we have residents and fellows we have like a lot of layers of trainees anyhow as someone was presenting the
case who turns out the person who was presenting the case was Jean Wilson it turns out to be one of the editors later
on of Harrison’s technical contr so Dr Wilson became a big guy but he was when he was a young guy Seldon looked at this
chart and back then we had paper charts it was in green binders he goes this is
a very imperceptive workup he goes this patient should be dead by now because he
he was pointing out all the mistakes that were made so he opens up the window on the ninth floor of Parkland and he
throws the chart out the window there it’s swirling around and papers going
but those were the days where we had no work restrictions uh there was a lot of hazing in medicine but things got done
and but things got done there was there was unlimited work hours and let me tell you what we worked so hard there’s
there’s only 168 hours in the week and I think there was a couple weeks you know
I when I was in Dallas and then uh in Seattle University of Washington I think I was clocking 1 120 I mean it was
really hard now right now residents my son’s a resident in Pittsburgh they are capped at 80 80 is thought to be a light
work week wow they’re capped at 80 they capped them at 80 at 80 and so nowadays the old guys oh you young guys you guys
don’t know how to work hard you know we work so hard because we we literally we we just worked all day all night all the
next day get a break they even did that down here with football they C you can’t practice football in Florida if it’s
over what 100 his two sons play ball now but you know in medicine it changed for
a good reason I’m actually in favor of work restri well The Hazing while The Hazing went on for instance let me I’ll
tell thought The Hazing would be I’ll tell you I’ll tell you one other hazing thing it would never happen nowadays too bad um we think it should have we were
in the ICU so we’re all students and there’s some patient with a heart attack and we’re all around the bed and um and
uh our attending is James willerson he was the chief of Cardiology he later on would become the chief of medicine and
really high up at Texas Medical Center in Houston and he talked with a really soft voice Jim willerson and we were
presenting uh we we had the patient and uh Dr Willison said this patient’s
having a heart attack and he pointed to my colleague is that how he would talk to he goes he goes and Robbie what does
the EKG show andent is that how he would really talk yeah the student was paralyzed and he he
started stumbling and so we’re we’re right we’re right over the bed so the patient so so willerson reaches over the
bed and grabs him by the tie and pulls him over and looks him in the face he goes you have to know the EKG on every
single patient in the in in your care in the CCU at all times is that clear he go
yes and pushes him back military it was like Robbie never forgot the EKG ever
again now if that happened today there would be a compl that would go to the Dean’s office he he ulated him by the
tie um think about where we have come this is amazing when you were a kid
growing up was there a corporal punishment in school I I never even heard the word was there corpal I don’t
know oh you guys have’t I never heard I grew up in Texas listen I’m not that old when I grew up in Texas if one
misbehaved let’s say if one uh and I’m sure knowing you Tommy I’m sure you’ve done this you were in the cafeteria you
shot something at some kid and hit him in the head you got reported to the principal’s office and then you smarted
off to the principal you got smack right okay let say okay thank you very much Tommy we’ll see you in the courtyard
tomorrow at 8:00 and so out in the courtyard it would all be quiet 8:00
we’re just starting class now this happened when in when I was in high school in Texas two different high schools for for for sure really quiet
the pedal comes out and the pedal is like a giant waffle board about this big
and it’s heavy and then you pull down your pants and and they absolutely wail on this kid hard my dad talked about
that and just smack smack smack screaming and we could all hear it
saying oh that’s so he’s really bad he’s people would count how many people would
count how many my co-author on my book John leak John is apparent he’s the
record holder for Highland Park High School M of waffle Fanny peddles why can I believe that I believe yeah I text for
John John’s kind of a he’s kind of a you know where he is right now where where where he’s out in Maui in laa he’s
investigating the fire Oh I thought he went out to have a good time well he will too John is’s a funny guy he’s a
man of mystery and Intrigue if anybody’s like James Bond it’s like John leak
anyhow he actually set the record for the number of Fanny panels but here’s my point just like the tie in incident
would be automatic hazing lawsuit what have you any child to today that’s even
touched you know would be what personal assault and so the point I’m making is
for hundreds and hundreds of years let’s say in Texas in the Deep South corporal
punishment was a standard in families and in schools whether you think it’s good or bad it was a standard and look
in our generation how quickly standards have changed yeah so so we’ve gone from
corporal punishment to it’s breaking the law we’ve gone from paper and pencil to
everything’s on an iPhone we’ve gone I mean just think about our generation is
up there there may be some other Generations that that are close but we’re up up there with the most
versatile sets of generations that had to deal with the most changes not only consumer electronics but also socially
culturally and look at what we’re dealing with now with transgender yes a
disaster did they worry about transgender back in 1870 never even heard of it never 1920 never even spoken
of 1970 how about 1990 how about never even heard of it in 1990 wow you know
another paper is going to come out of my substack I put it up last night on the plane because I work all the time listen
to this from 2016 to 2020 the number of transgender surgeries more than doubled
and we’re not just talking about breast implants we are talking about everything
including the dreaded penile inversion vaginoplasty I
heard Rob have you heard of that we had a Joven pzer in who they they also tried
to kill him seven guys have been in they try I can I always know if somebody doesn’t open a bottle of water he
invented the QR code to make a very long story short that same guy then invented
a cell phone case where if you touched it it would tell you if you have one cancer cell you pick up your phone it
would notify you you have one cancer cell that way you could go to a doctor right away and say hey I have a cancer
cell C can you look at this to to get right away because he would which you
know I’m sure or is accurate that more people die from uh radiation and chemo
than the actual cancer you would know if that’s true or not better than me that’s what he was saying but he’s also trying
to get a patent P but you would touch it and it would tell you if you had any cancer cells so all his other Pat he is
more patent than anybody in in the planet but this one wouldn’t go through like Parts wouldn’t one long story short
he testifies with the Senate whatever he said there about his thing big farma didn’t like it he’s at a
Ted conference they come in to bring him food he e his food then some weird looking people bringing food looks weird
but he just eats it not thinking anything we’re talking about a patent here he e what was there five people he
was in the hospital 3 months then they tried to shoot up his house he had a move crazy [ __ ] the other three people
that were with him I think one died one two one or two I think one or two story
yeah no this is 100% R when did this happen jov and P maybe a year ago no longer than that I think maybe year and
a half yeah cuz yeah probably he was telling a story well think about in life how many times people serve you like
listen I trusted you that this coffee was okay yeah we didn’t put anything in it this time yeah well listen what was
my point about Jo but but think about this you know I’m going to get on the plane you guys were nice enough to get me first class I want your audience to
know first class for Tommy come down here first class I didn’t get first class with Rogan or these other guys you
kidding first set all the records on Rogan um but you fly in first class think about that they said oh listen uh
2 F they actually know where the food is going listen 2f that’s that guy’s kind of going against the government
narrative why don’t we give him a little sprinkle on his tray MH I mean we are
vulnerable that’s exactly what they did with them yeah oh man did you did you see the dissident Russian that got shot
down yesterday yeah yeah yeah playing Boom Boom I think but I saw the video
fell off right oh he’s gone no I know but it it looked like it was a shoot down yeah did you see it no I just heard
that the wing came off yeah see if you could pull it looks like something comes from the ground up Nails it and when it
goes down it’s not like a if an engine went down the plane just kind of generally struggles down this is a
straight down I mean this is yeah this is like this is nose down straight down
engine everything show off what his name uh Yi uh prian prian I can’t prian prian
so he leads this uh this Vagner Group which is going to kind of go against
Putin and what all the punas were saying yesterday the news is they were saying uh listen you don’t go against Putin and
get away with it you may live a little bit longer but he’ll find a way and smoke them I don’t know why they keep
underestimating Putin I don’t get it I don’t think he’s slow I think he’s smart
have you ever been to Russia I have not oh Tommy but I have a very good friend who uh came from Russia you know the
right way his name’s Lenny doesn’t do anything wrong you know well you know made made made a few
mistakes that’s a funny story I’ll tell you one day with this guy Lenny but uh Russia guy real good friend of mine and
he loves it there he loves it there and here well I tell you I went to Russia twice and uh one of the most impressive
things is to go to Moscow and go to the pet Bureau okay this is is this a shoot
down yeah is this a shoot down this is the one I could find that they have the plane going down so just be warned that
the following video is pretty graphic it is unverified footage of crashed which
had wner Chief youting what’s going down there of the private jet oh yeah it’s
going straight down something shoots first though let me see if I can find that I don’t see one with that part but
this is when it’s coming down there’s some guy in the in his backyard and he Nails it I thought I saw something
shooting I’ll look it see if I can find it but here’s the point everybody was on the news saying listen you know one of
two things either he was on the plane and he’s finished or two he just faked
his name on the plane now heing his b escape and the thing is you’ll never
know never know right this is like a Tom Clancy novel right Tom Cardinal the
Kremlin and what have you but anyhow so I went to Russia a few times and I’ve lectured in Moscow uh but we had a
chance to go to poet Bureau where they vote and you’ll see the vote in the poet
buau it’s 3,250 to zero there is no disagreement
on this legislation none none and now here’s the next thing they voted on oh
no disagreement there and so it keeps going and going and my point is we better watch it because we’re heading
there too if we had a vote right now who’s going to vote on more vaccines you know the powers that be they they wanted
100% take more shots and they don’t want any disagreement and and if any doctor
disagrees with it watch out yeah look what happened with Kirk Dr Kirk he was a
plastic surgeon one of the top breast guys I had him on they [ __ ] indicted him because he took your pro I think I
believe he talked to Dr KK K I know yeah yeah I had him on trying to help him out with the donations and you know whatever
the situation is you know according to him it’s the first time that the government got in between Dr patient
relation and if he’s found you know if he doesn’t beat that geez that could an
entire standard now you have the doctor do I make this decision and maybe get
indicted but I know it’s wrong right or do I or I do do I make the right
decision and risk indictment or do I go with what they want medically I know
this is probably not right but I’m not going to get indicted I mean that becomes a listen Canada’s got over a
thousand doctors sitting on the sidelines that have been nailed I was in I was in uh kind of semi court for the
College of physician and surgeons for Dr Mark trous and they they really tried to beat me up there was this a lawyer and
she had the most severe hair dude you have you ever seen the women that pull their hair back in a bun that’s so tight
it just looks like I just feel I just feel like pulls her eyebrows back yeah she’s like and then they spray it down
yeah she wanted like she just wanted to kill me and and she goes and Dr Mulla I
want to bring up evidence 172.600 .5 and it’s and it’s a video
clip and and she says what is this I said well it’s a video clip and then she
goes well and then what’s the marker say in the lefthand corner I says well it says 46 minutes and 20 and so it was
just this technical Beatdown and I said I said ma’am I said There are
16 million hits on me on the internet there are thousands upon thousands of
videos maybe tens of thousands of videos I’ve actually given more media and more clips and more analyses than anybody in
the world I said I said so if you pick another video yes it’s me and yes that’s
what I’ve said and if you have any questions about this doctor who’s been screwed out of his license for a year
let’s get on to it and she kept just like like she was going to incriminate me 31 26 and she kept like she was going
to incriminate me and she went through this went through this severe uh you know prosecutorial uh thing and she was going
to in the US courts we call it Delbert you ever heard of Delbert yeah I heard Delbert is like you know you’re not qualified but they couldn’t Delbert me
out they kept fighting fighting fighting great attorney for trous which is Mike Alexander he’s he thinks he going to go
to the Supreme Court couldn’t get rid of me finally asked me a couple questions sub actual questions actual questions
and the actual questions are I said yeah I looked at that the shows the vaccines don’t work and yeah I’ve looked at that shows of vaccines caused this problem
and she was like you know I have no more questions and so she wanted to get up but this guy’s has been screwed out of his license now for 2 years uh they got
about a th000 doctors like that France has got about 2,000 Australia 1,000 New Zealand uh where the doctor said listen
I’m not going to take this shot I’m not going to force it on my patients I’m going to treat my patients with coid uh
including ior mechon oh my gosh have you seen that one lately about the FDA being
sued about his Ivor oh because they had run out of they said they were out of it no this no this is really good this is
uh Dr Mary tally Bowden in Houston apter Robert atter in Arizona and um Paul
Merrick in Virginia and they said we’re suing the FDA the FDA said during the
heat of the pandemic that Ivor mechon is only horse paste they put out a tweet it
said come on y’all stop it and uh uh so
they sued him they said you can’t mislead the country like this ior meon is a human drug we found it useful in Co it’s communist of care doctors determine
this Community SC care not FDA and they sue the FDA in the first round of it they got dismissed so they appealed it
now they’re back in appeal court they finally got the FDA you know on their heels and when it came down to it the
attorney for the FDA was a woman she said FDA never said doctors couldn’t use
ior mechon it’s like oh really I mean doctors lost their licenses over this
and what have you and we said what about this tweet where it shows the horse and she goes oh that was just a quip what
the hell what’s AIP equip is just a flippant uh type of statements oh like equip cost people their lives so the
fda’s been suddenly out of stock the FDA was slammed on this and governments all
over the world are going to be slammed on this because it’s an example of what you said Tommy it’s the government interfering in the doctor patient
relationship what the doctor finds to be useful in a patient is the community standard of care the doctors determine
this not the government and not the pharmaceutical companies doctors and
this interference in this in in standard of care and early treatment of coid cost
Lives Many Lives I estimate now it’s we’ve we lost 2third of 1.2 million
lives because we we weren’t able to treat them properly early and people were denied treatment the treatments
were hard to get and denied and that 2third of 6 million hospitalizations could have been avoided this is a
tragedy of unbelievable proportions it’s in our book courage to face Co 19 by the way the book is doing really good well
it’s up on the screen the book pull the actual tab the book is doing great you know it’s festar Amazon bestseller uh it
reads very very quickly uh John leak’s a terrific author he’s the man of intrigue
by the way he was in with you last time yeah by by the way girls single he’s probably the coolest hottest single guy
out there John leak he’s Johnny Johnny Depp when he was younger he’s like Johnny Depp yeah he’s a you know he’s
John he’s like Semi-Pro and everything did I tell you that he’s a semi-pro Surfer Semi-Pro boxer is he he’s just
he’s just Semi-Pro and everything yeah I talked to him about uh how do you do that how how are you semi Surfer and boxer that’s cool two mixes like yeah so
he knows about how to jab and he’s out there surfing but he is a pro writer so he’s probably considered right now the
world’s greatest historian living really and he’s his range is amazing and hilarious and he’s and he’s hilarious
and he’s a lot of fun but the point is you know what they’re talking about now John’s talking about major motion
picture really yes there you go buddy someone’s going to play me Tom don’t forget about the little guy over here
when when it comes we going to get you in so who would you who would you have play you I don’t know there you know me
Brad Pit no yeah I gotta get somebody I I got this back problem I’m struggling with Bradley Cooper this kyphosis so
there’s been some discussion of actually Kevin cner Believe It or Not kin let’s go Peter yeah he’s about he’s about
eight years older than me so we’ll see but I said you know I’m boring it’s not like you know I’m not like um not like
James Bond there’s no scenes where I was jumping across buildings or anything I’m just just a doctor I’m just trying to
help people it’s not but the [ __ ] you’ve been through when you really should have a trophy like hanging around your your
office and everything instead of lawsuits yeah can you believe that um there’s a physician email bunch of
physician email Services one is Medscape and and uh Med advisor I think and um
heart.org and these other ones do you know one of them floated out um they floated out the
2021 top 20 worst doctors in America and
the first doctor was in an orange suit and he was obviously a criminal and he’ done horrible things and the second one
was a drug abuser and the the third one beat up his patients what have you and I’m listed on the back half of this
group and there I am like what I do I just treated Co patients I mean I’m listed in the top and you’re the one
that the pros are contacting you know they don’t want to take it speaking of
which now this is what gets me okay now this is me saying this Jamie Fox I think
is from the shot okay of course they’ll bury that forever but LeBron James this is what gets me the most his son bronnie
you know had the best trainers in the planet the best nutritionist in the planet the best everything in the planet
the kid’s about to go pro best shape probably of anyone LeBron James is son
genetic freak at 18 has a heart attack and falls over and probably if it wasn’t
LeBron James kid would he have made it with the everything now if you’re LeBron James
even though you were an advocate for the vaccine this is your son now don’t you think it’s time to come out and be like
hey I’m LeBron James my son almost died because I’ve
have I have half a billion dollars from Nike I have the best of everything and I
saved them but that shot gave my kid this heart attack how how how do you not
do that or do you think he actually thinks it’s not from that okay so while we’re taking on bronny James Rob here’s a new assignment and the football guy um
bring up me and Jamie Fox you’ll find it on Twitter you and Jamie yeah we took pictures together so you’ll see put Dr
McCulla Jamie Fox Okay so let’s deal with Brony James uh Brony James went to
a private high school that absolutely mandated the vaccines with no exceptions
okay LeBron James in September of 2021 comes out and says I’ve researched this
carefully and and uh I’ve decided the vaccine is the best for me and my family
we’re going to take the vaccine that’s September of 2021 now June of 2021 the
FDA says the vaccines cause heart damage myocarditis let me tell you before coid
we never let athletes work out or compete with myocarditis because it triggers a cardiac arrest I mean this is
before coid this is standard operating principles which then explains the NFL
Ronnie soccer players so what so what type of research did he do who did he
call so uh we’ll get to that in a second yeah he is in California yeah so so
anyhow um so so then LeBron ostensibly takes the shots his family takes the
shots uh USC is also mandating the shots so last year bronny James teammate
uku you probably can find him too on a separate tab Rob uku has a cardiac
arrest last year so one of bronnie James’s teammates had a cardiac arrest so yeah so and USC Trojans basketball
team so he uchu survives and he gets an
ICD presumably they’re getting what’s now called the subcutaneous ICD so they’re not uh implantable cardiio
defibrillators they’re not ones that go in the bloodstream where they could pull out by lifting the arm they’re actually planted just under the chest muscle and
they would sense an arrest and then shock the heart so bronny James should know that wow one of his teammates had a
cardiac arrest bronny bronny James I don’t think had a full Cardiac Arrest because he was in and out of the ICU
like in a matter of hours home the next day so it wasn’t a full Cardiac Arrest but you think they think they come
forward the answer is uh yeah the answer Vince Vince I chuku so uh just stay
there for a second so what we know is that USC now as a basketball team has
had two cardiac arrests they’ve been headlines saying wow they’re in good practice now they know where the defibrillator is nowhere to find it [ __ ]
we know now that these cardiac arrest in athletes for sure are due to the
vaccines and you know when it’s not due to the vaccine you know why because the first thing they’ll come out and say I
didn’t take the vaccine M right this this by the way this happened there was a kid in uh out west somewhere where
there was a report a 6- foot blood clot was in this kid really tall kid a six foot blood clot they pulled out of his
veins wow and everyone goes he took the V he took the Vex they were they were tweeting this the mother right away no
everybody he didn’t take the Vex he’s got a an abnormality is inferior V but he’s got a vascular abnormality and
that’s the reason why the blood clotted there so the mother and then I texted the mother I said thank you for
clarifying that if people would just clarify but when they’re silent yeah you assume that they took the vex especially
when the dad says they’re vaccine and the school says they’re vaccine why assume they take the vac and assume these cardiac arrests are due to
myocarditis and the concern here is uh Vince does the right thing II
chuku does the right thing he gets a defibrillator because if he has another arrest the defibrillator is going to pop
them okay now I by the way I had a chance to um while we’re on this topic I
had a chance to uh talk to Pilot Bob snow do you know the story about Bob snow is that the one that flew blew by
the White House and he went out no this this guy uh Bob snow is very senior American Airlines pilot he lands a big
plane at DFW Airport pulls up to the Jet Bridge people are getting off he has a cardiac arrest and I talked to him he
goes listen he goes he goes it’s lights out he goes there’s no chance you know I couldn’t put out my hands it’s just as
if somebody turned off have you seen these Cardiac Arrest when they go down I mean they just they just go down it’s a
total face plant bunch of taxi car guys so anyhow uh snow does a face plant and I wrote a
substack on this called The Miracle of pilot snow here’s the miracle so pretty much everybody’s off the plane now do
you know on almost every airplane there’s a Doctor by chance there always is so all everyone’s gone so they can’t
say is there a doctor on the plane everyone’s gone so they’re already out so they started panicking in the jet
wave somebody you know they start doing CPR and on somebody on their cell phone calls 911 here’s the miracle DFW is G
got actually its own EMS system for the airport cuz it’s a big airport by Chance the paramedics are at
the next gate dealing with some old lady who had some problem or what have you
and they literally just had to run right over like like literally one gate to another at DFW airport they’re right
there they get there and he’s in full Cardiac Arrest they have to shock him three times so that tells you he’s
pretty deep into it but they pop them they get him out of it they put him on the life support take him to a Dallas
hospital when he gets up and gets off all the tubes and everything he does a video he goes this is what the vaccine
did to me I took the vaccine I had a cardiac arrest two months later so anyhow he gets a subcutaneous ICD I
think how uh this guy had it I chuku and so I catch up with him at a meeting I
said pilot it’s great to see you how you doing he goes why don’t you check out my ICD and he showed me so is the unit is
up under the latissimus dors side here it goes up under the pectoralis muscle he goes yeah I can work out I can do
everything he go I can’t fly anymore but I can work out so this is interesting it’s about 2 years after his Cardiac Arrest I said has it ever gone off has
the device actually have you had a second arrest he goes nothing nothing not so lucky as the case of adamus why
don’t you bring him up Oscar Cabrero adamus oh gosh this is a badry heard of
him no they bury everything oh my gosh this guy is Dominican he plays in the
international leagues he’s a basketball player Oscar cabero Adamas that’s him he’s playing in 2021 he has the cardiac
arrest he does yeah pull that up he does the face plant he does the face plant in
2021 full Cardiac Arrest they do CPR they save them by the way in these athlete Cardiac Arrest because there’s a
whole bunch of people there about a third of them they can save two-thirds they die so Demar Hamlin bronny James
uku they save them right this guy gets saved uh adamus gets saved and you know
what happens is um he texts he tweets out he goes I got myocarditis from the
vaccines so adamus is is uh I got my he said it go I got myocarditis from the
effing vaccine I got two doses of fiser two doses of fiser he got myocarditis
listen he sits out Tommy he sits out for two years and he’s he’s trying to get
treatment I’m sure he’s seen someone like me I’m giving the medications but he decides probably not to get the
defibrilator and then look what happens scroll back up Rob look what happen happens he goes on this treadmill just
go ahead and play this clip this this guy this will tell what’s going on T while allegedly undergoing a stress
test Caba is believed to has suffered from myocarditis that’s his first arrest right there boom Association that
disease can weaken the heart in its electrical system and decreases the heart’s ability to pump blood following
his death social media Post surfaced in which Cabrera suggested he developed the
rare heart disease after he received two doses of a CO vaccine he also said the
vaccine was reir he fainted and collapse during a 2021 Spanish looks like he’s in
pretty good shape so you can turn that off so he dies on the treadmill in 2023
now listen I’m a cardiologist I supervise treadmill test I’ve never had someone dying in treal test I’ve had Cardiac Arrest but we can shock the
heart we can get IVs in we can do everything it must have been a brutal Cardiac Arrest if this guy dies but
here’s the point vaccine in 201 21 my carditis an arrest in 2021 and he dies
in 2023 and a supervised treadmill test look at all these people now bronnie
James dear Hamlin all the European athletes what in the world if these guys
don’t get defibrillators more people are going to go down so is it the money is
that why they’re not coming out and saying anything because they’re afraid they’re going to lose indorsement money
agenda money is that is this about money that they’re not coming out especially like a LeBron or does he not believe
it to find an answer to that question Tommy you know that I had to and you
have to do this sometimes Rob I had to do a Twitter poll and you just you got
to get the answer I did it Paul I said what is going on said with all these
public figures what’s the answer you know what the answer is well I can’t wait to hear this the answer is they’re
afraid they’re gonna lose more more so they’ve already lost a lot they’re afraid if they’re going to come out
they’re going to lose more now bring up Jamie Fox Jamie Fox is I think the best example of this bring up Jamie if you
still have it R so one ofal guys so I you know I was
at a Cowboys game in 2021 and uh uh you
know I’m in a nice suite and stuff and Jamie Fox and his Entourage comes up and
hey we want to talk to you so you know I meet with Jamie Fox and um no there’s a
there’s a ones where there’s pictures picture so uh anyhow uh we have a private
conversation it’s a private conversation but you can imagine jimie got the lowdown of what I think on the vaccines
and that is they’re not safe so what I’m telling you is Jamie Fox knew the
vaccines weren’t safe okay so um so uh if you can’t find
it that’s okay so uh yeah there it is right there oh there he is yeah so there we are so oh congratulations
uh it probably won’t it won’t come up just go back to the screen so uh so anyhow um yeah so there you so I took a
picture with Jamie Fox he’s a good guy we met my wife and uh let me tell you what now he’s five years younger than me
he is a stud he is in shape and he’s fit and he’s smart talented I don’t very
talented I mean you’ve seen the stuff he’s done remember remember he played the yeah you remember he played the boxer this guy got it okay he is not the
guy who’s going to have a stroke or heart attack so what Hollywood Reporter AJ benza who apparently knows the scoop
he’s in reported I know fox has not communicated with me after this but what
benza says listen you know he got to the point where there’s another movie they said take a shot you know he knows it’s
not safe he takes a shot and what benza reports as he has a stroke yeah and he’s in the hospital for months we don’t hear
about him people are like what about his movie finally after months he comes out with a video statement he’s lost a ton
of weight I don’t know if you can find that video he lost a ton of weight he’s looks very pale he’s anemic the left
side of his face now is changed so you can tell that there’s been a stroke now he doesn’t say the word stroke but
everyone else says he’s had a stroke right have you and he says I’ve been through hell and back he goes I didn’t want people to see me with tubes in me
tubes let me tell you if someone’s had a stroke and they have tubes in them let me tell you the tubes they have they
have a feeding tube into their stomach because they can’t swallow and they they’re on the ventilator and they have and they have a tracheostomy tube and if
you look at that video where he gives the video oh look how skinny wow that’s SK yeah that one on the right there yeah
the one on the right that one on the right uh scroll down rob you click on that yeah click on the Yahoo news or
that one yeah okay so so um no but there’s one the video see look at his
left side of his face is now the fold is not the same on the left side of his face and um uh he’s lost to tremendous
amount of weight he’s anemic and uh the yeah that’s the video that’s the video
and look look where his shirt is his shirt is is buttoned up I think to cover
up where the tracheostomy tube was so I texted out when this happened you know it’s terrible and this happened we we
don’t want anybody to go through this I texted him out I tweeted out I said hey
Jamie praying for you I said I hope you held strong on what we talked
about yeah man look at Novak doovic I know world’s greatest tennis player and
that guy asked him he said are you willing to give up being known in history as the world’s greatest tennis
player he goes yeah I am look at Aaron Rogers yeah Aaron says
listen I’m not gonna take it look at Joe Rogan look at me look at you so I guess
my question is for for people out there kids especially because I know some people um I have a friend he lives with
doubt uh or not doubt but he’s upset that he had his kids get the
vaccine is there a light at the end of the tunnel like what can you do if if your kids have
gotten this vaccine and now you’re seeing all this is there a solution is there tab to is there is there an
antidote is there something right but first off let’s just talk about bring up that tab about why the vaccines go to
the heart this is really important you got that tabra I think everybody could deal with this if if the heart wasn’t
involved right because you need the old ticker but just real quick back to these guys why don’t is it all about the money
that’re afraid they’re going to lose more unlike Ice Cube who you have to give respect to he turned down 9 million
yeah N9 or 10 million Ice Cube we told Tucker right oh did you see did you see
uh when Tucker asked one of the Republican candidates but Tucker said uh well how many vaccines did you take and
then he goes well Tucker how many did you take and he goes none everyone goes yeah yeah cuz when you know when I went
on tu long program that was his breakout interview he had never yeah you know he he actually freaked out he gave me his
he gave me wrot down P here’s my cell phone number text me and uh uh you know he basically told me he goes I’ll never
take that effing stuff so you know I knew Tucker was going to hold strong through this whole thing and anybody who
believes that there’s an actual $700 million defamation suit for something
somebody said needs to go get mental help they said they had to release him because of a defamation suit they 700
million Peter right four four voter boxes or something 700 million but but
the question was listen I was in the Highwire studio and this guy is really smart this is Gert vanderbush he used to
work for Gates Foundation he worked for all the major farmaceuticals and he flies all the way
over here from Belgium he meets me and Del big tree and it we get to load up questions on each other right so this is
kind of he’s a heavy hitter so let’s listen to the question he asked me and
how I answered it this is pretty good real quick on Dell I had Dell in and he had all those charts and you know I can
move things on YouTube to make sure they can’t kick it down that chart I thought would be okay they caught the chart and
kicked it down supended me for two weeks [ __ ] Dell oh man I but it was my fault I missed it I didn’t see the line
of code to move it you know women love him I know my my wife says he is the
he’s just so handsome his hairs everything about Dell is a great guy okay let’s see it well maybe it was
because he was next to what’s his name for according to your uh your experience
that we are primarily not exclusively of course but primarily seeing all these
problems um in the heart of course we are all also seeing a number of problems
with other organs uh you know the number for example of diabetes cases of course not due to the vaccine so to say but
have gone up we see people struggling with other organs Etc why is it so
pronounced um in the myard diet is I mean why is primarily the heart so
strongly affected is it because of the blood circulation that is so or well
many organs can tolerate some inflammation and it’s relatively silent the liver the spleen now the brain can’t
tolerate much because it evokes symptoms and neither can the heart yeah so you know there’s an array we talked about
Cardiac Arrest ventricular attack of cardia ventricular fibrillation there’s also atrial fibrillation the most common heart rhythm has been linked to this
clearly a progression of atic cardiovascular disease plaque rupture mardial infarction that’s been linked to
the vaccines and inflammation as well as vascular disasters like aortic
dissection so this is all in the peer viiew literature but the heart uniquely
receives his blood flow primarily in diesto so the resting phase so it’s not
it’s not systolic P punching through and not only that but myio cardio blood flow is dynamic
so at rest our myio cardio blood flow is you know at at a baseline when we
exercise you know we can have a two three fourfold increased risk of myio cardio blood flow paper by castri UDA
and colleagues has demonstrated circulation of the messenger RNA for at least a month after one of
these shots what do the athletes do they take a shot and they go exercise they working out so constantly think about
juicing my cardio blood flow more deposition of vac material into the heart it’s taken up paper by AIO and
colleagues showed the parasites the support cells in the heart the ones take it up more avidly than others uh they
translate the messenger RNA is largely what we’re talking about the spike protein is is expressed on the cell
surface of these parasites they’re in close proximity to the capillaries the body’s immune system reacts to it Dr
vandos can tell us that you know for the first time instead of something that’s
part of the major hytto compatibility complex on the surface of the cell now we’re expressing the woan spike protein
the human body’s going to say wait a minute what is this and so there’s going to be an attack a paper by bum and
colleagues took biopsies of young men who were in the hospital suffering with vaccine M carditis and there were
clearly zones of inflammation and the spike protein was right there Schwab showed the Fatal cases it’s right there
so one of the arguments would be that you know the only thing that’s happening in the heart as offet PA Lett has said
which is sort of what we talked about it’s seeing the heart it’s seeing the spike protein it’s creating antibodies
and there’s antibodies that there’s the heart has self cells that look like the spike and therefore the antibodies are
attacking the heart but you’re saying no it’s just the spike protein being expressed by cells in the heart that are
coming under attack by the immune system there’s also a wrinkle from um in a
paper from Massachusetts General Hospital this is very important where uh kids were in the hospital carditis and
they were measured both Spike protein in the blood and neutralized in antibodies and the kids with myocarditis had
circulating Spike protein but the antibodies were not neutralizing the spike the kids without myocarditis had
Spike but the antibodies were correctly neutralizing it so there may be what
you’re talking about this the the immune system now ising but here’s the point
that’s you you know we need to talk that’s an example of you know people in the medical field talking when was the
last time we’ve seen that on CNN or MSNBC how about anywhere anywhere I mean
this is this is this is a brand new vaccine Co 19 is a brand new illness we
should have the most dialogue the most interchange um in and and and and citing
the literature you can see you know Highwire does a good job when we cite the literature they find it and they
Source it and and and what people have learned over time is they have Dr Mulla
on it’s the real deal there’s no I’m not going to show about this at all every single case it’s going to be you find it
you know we there’s nothing that’s going to be outside the realm of the peer reviewed literature so and then how do
they go from okay there’s no more ior meon suddenly it’s out of stock it’s
horse toor or whatever okay you can’t do that blah blah blah then somehow the FDA
mandates five to release the documents we had uh Amy Kelly on and she had all that stuff
which I never even saw it anywhere on social media news I was like Wow and how
different batches and Rob had made the joke which kind of seems to possibly be
real that if the driver stopped to get gas and one of the batches got warm then
you know that batch number would have a lesser side effect but let’s just say an
athlete who’s got a gazillion dollars that batch is going right to that doctor no stop full potency so then she had
that chart where you could say hey Doc what batch did you try to kill me with and then you could type it in and see
you know what you’re looking at that gets to Rob’s question so but I’m saying how did they get the FDA to to mandate
that yeah well Rob was saying well how can what can we do yeah first thing is let’s take the knowledge base so there’s
a paper by schmelling and colleagues from Denmark this is the best paper by far they had all fiser side effects they
knew the batches so there’s three batch groups just under a third of the batches
zero side effects none not even a sore arm this is very important not even a
sore arm so people listening out there who took a shot they had nothing they
had nothing when they took a shot they had nothing a month later a year later two years later I honestly think I think
they’re in the free and clear even 10 years from now there’s there looks like there was almost nothing in these shop
mhm so my wife’s Mother’s one of them thank the Lord she’s in Toronto we have
to get them out they’re very they’re older they’re 90 years old her husband died uh bless his heart so she has to
take two shots and so she’s been paying attention to this whole thing she goes I don’t know what you’re why you’re making such a big deal about these shots she
goes I took these shots and it’s like nothing I’ve had flu shots at itmore so she must have gotten a dud now about
another 2third or just under two-thirds they get some mild reactions nothing too serious the third batch Group which
accounts for 4.2% of the doses boom Jamie Fox Nick Vince
U Cabrera these guys they must have gotten batch number three now this is
very similar to the CDC vsafe data CDC vsafe data was it was 10 million people who got the cell phone e they took the
shots and they were going to report what happens 7.7% get so sick in the next day or two
they have to go to the ER be hospitalized they’re probably in that third group right that’s where all the
action is so I think everybody should pay attention to did they get sick originally or did they not those who got
sick originally probably have a bit more of a worry and there’s an interesting paper by by Schwab from Germany it’s
very very interesting people who died of the shot did autopsies if they had heart inflammation
in the heart there was also inflammation in the arm where they took the shot wow and the inflammation in the deltoid
muscle looked almost identical to the cardiac muscle that was a very very hot paper so that’s almost the signature of
you’re the signature swollen yeah no it’s the signature so you know I’ve had
some people in my office that that said listen I took this shot within an hour I could feel a thing crawling up my my arm
women says they can feel it in their breasts the lymph nodes swell I mean it’s it’s horrendous the movement
disorders the blood clots I’ve had multiple people get blood clots in their arms blood clots in your arms since when
do you have that um so what we know to answer Rob’s question is that a pay
attention to what symptoms you had with shot one and shot to look it up on mybad bat.com or how bad is my batch they’re
rank ordered so you can see were you in the the worst batch or you in the milder batches that’ll give you an idea and we
have a major paper coming out in a few days September 1st 2023 and uh myself and my team in my
clinic and we’re proposing what’s called base Spike detoxification this is very
important this Spike protein from the viral infection and from the vaccine
cannot be broken down by human enzymes it gets stuck in us every time you get coid you get loaded with this stuff
every time you take a vaccine you get loaded and you can’t get rid of it human body can’t digest it it was engineered
in this biocurity lab it’s an artificial protein so you can’t get rid of it gets stuck it gets stuck wow so the Japanese
there we go they’ve helped us out again uh tanikawa and colleagues have shown that a natural enzyme
ninas dissolves it ninas Nat k i n a s e
now that’s in the spike support formula wellness company now I thought you would come out with a different type of
supplement no you know how fit you are this is a spike support now it has ninas
is the principal ingredient now there’s some minor ingredients in it dandelion rout remember I was talking when I was a
kidand iand when you guys like to juice and all this natural stuff but listen 5 fo8 I’ll
look like a fat [ __ ] but uh nyise is uh the natural breakdown product of soy
when it ferments with a bacteria called basilis subtilus natto now natto is kind
of excuse meet uh Rob click on the ingredients it’s interesting yeah click on that little ingredient pan I’ll show you it’s really interesting but NES is
the main part of it now there’s some other very good things listen there’s a ton of data for black sativa abstract I
seage the green tea but n is the big thing 2,000 Fus fiber linic units listen
to this uh tanikawa has shown this OBU has shown this the spike protein and
preclinical models cell and cell lysate models uh the spike protein dissolves we don’t have clinical data however the
Japanese have been eating natto for a thousand years for its heart benefits because it’s a form of blood thinner
they’ve had it as a supplement now for you know 20 30 years where it works for
uh blockages of the arteries in the neck uh and throughout the body they have a Japanese have a big belief in nines as a
supplement so in our paper we’re proposing Nyes become uh a part of the
base wellness company Spike support now I advise the company as a chief scientific officer this was the first
product out of the gate we’re combining this now with two additional um products
you can buy Elsewhere One is bromin bromin is the uh a set of enzymes Drive
from the um stems of pineapples it also helps dissolve the spike protein by by a
different method bromin is an FDA approved drug it turns out it’s an ointment that’s used in Burns to help
dissolve some protein coagulation in uh in wounds and so we know that bromin
actually has medicinal properties so Brolin 500 milligrams a day and the third component uh again a natural
approach to handling the vaccine Rob said what can you do when you’re stuck with the vaccine in your body and that is curcumin curcumin’s the orange spice
it comes from turmeric the Indians love curcumin and if you get cumin you get it to be absorbed in the body there’s some
methods to do this curcumin in randomized Trials reduces the spike protein inflammation makes people feel
better even in randomized Trials so we’re proposing a natural approach with NES bromin and curcumin the reason why
we use all three is that it’s a difficult problem and we want to speed recovery with nto alone I’m telling you
it’s a minimum of three months minimum uh but once we start to have the others in there we can speed this we probably
need to continue it for 12 months in most people but uh you know I’m not taking any risks with my patients now
the spike protein is in the heart it’s causing the cardiac arrest it’s in the blood cluts it’s causing the blood cluts
the government is doing zero research and funding zero research on vaccine injuries HHS has spent a billion dollars
in long coid they found nothing and I’m not going to sit on my hands anymore and say oh I’m going to wait for the
government to tell me what to do people have blood cluts they’re having Cardiac Arrest they’re having problems now we’re going to kick butt base Spike detex the
reason why it’s the base is you can add other things people say well what about ninus what about IVC what about fine add
it to the base but at the base let’s take care of the spike protein and let’s pray that the human body can get rid of
this messeng RNA we still haven’t proven that yet people will take these shots we’re not sure if we can get rid of it I
just saw last night a commercial for a booster last night I I swear to God last
night I saw a commercial for a booster well do you know if someone’s following the government guidelines right now on Fox if if you’re following the
guidelines you’re on your seventh shot is that what there has do you know how many shot do you know anybody’s taken
seven shots no I mean I nobody nobody I don’t think do you know what I asked
Laura Trump who’s the daughter-in-law of President Trump on her show I said Laura
I said do you know anybody’s taken seven shots hint hint yeah she couldn’t think
of anybody so so what I propose that your listeners do your huge mega
audience is they should all visit their doctor and and they can be kind of smart Alex and say doctor please be a smart
Alex yeah doctor all liars are you on your seventh shot doctor your seventh
shot as you’re telling me to take one yeah are you going to say oh you’re not well why aren’t you Doctor you should be
at seven shots right now you should be at seven shots why have you lost your confidence getting a little queasy about
these blood clots or people dropping with Cardiac Arrest doctor you still think I should I think but you like that money when I when you code that in there
huh well you know did you hear about that yeah that’s what I’m saying that Anthem Blue Cross he didn’t take that
seven shot but he’s still punching that code in this was so bad someone got a hold of the coid shot bonus program that
Blue Cross Bush was real quick on your supplement if one were to take that cuz like I told my my friend Chris who runs
a podfest he would have never taken the shot but he went to UK to deal with SH
who made like a lot most podcasters use these mics and he wanted them to come to
his event that he has once a year so to to go there he had to get a shot right
so he spends his entire life’s money on it to set up for this event hoping that
it works every year you know he’s got kids and everything yeah so it was early on so he was like it he knew not to but
he was you know it was family money you know whatever well guys 29 years old
Boom Out of Nowhere heart uh clot was clotted oh no went got all kind itex to
do all kinds of [ __ ] the x-rays whatever uh right now it’s stabilized but like
for him what he take that every day yes two caps every day two capsules twice a
day twice a day that’s what of this two capsules twice a day this add bromin 500 a day and curcumin 500 twice a day but
two capsules of this twice a day listen to this what at the top of listen I had a patient last week Tommy uh he’s tall
kind of thin guy he works in a like a chicken chicken factory in Arkansas which is a big chicken coop that’s a
whole another a big chicken coop right all the shots and uh he gets Co a couple times it’s kind of a close quarters and
then they force the shots on him so he takes some shots now he gets blood clots you guys he has blood clots massive ones
in his legs I mean Whoppers lower leg upper leg they shoot to his lungs he starts have pulmonary emble ey you can’t
stop these things so they have to put in a filter they put in a metal filter to try to catch the blood clots as they’re
shooting up in his body infer so he comes to see me he’s on standard blood thinners he’s loaded with
blood clots I’m like oh God this is not looking good I put him on this this is
back around November December two capsules twice a day and say please God
let this dissolve the blood clots now listen this is a blood thinner remember ninas breaks down blood clots it has
natural fibrinolytic effects so in addition to his blood thinner so I told
him listen we have to watch this it could be bleeding but so he does it sure enough we repeated his scans just a week or two ago clear everything is clear
said thank the Lord he’s actually now we’re going to get the filter out so now he gets that metal thing out of him
that’s awesome and so that’s got to be the best part about being a doctor yes yes and so you know because we again I
don’t have large randomized trials I’m not going to be able to scientifically say that this does things in human
beings but we’re using our best judgment we’re in a crisis now the vaccine first of all the virus created a crisis that
we had to respond to now the vaccine is creating a crisis it looks like Bas Spike detox nyise 2,000 units twice a
day bromin 500 milligrams a day curcumin 500 milligrams twice a day the most important message I can give your
audience I’m going to update my website as soon as our paper comes out now I’ve been very disciplined to not say things
that’s not supported in the peer-reviewed literature unfortunately this one over the Finish Line we got beautiful Figures it’s going to come out
in a major journal I’m going to message it and uh uh and get it out there and we can always add other drugs now if people
have autoimmunity where the Ana turns positive we use hydroxy oroquin if
there’s protracted infection with coid we can use Ivor mechon or PEX lovit or Molen piir uh we can do other things but
the base Spike detox you can buy it on Amazon you can buy it on wellness company you can buy it in your natural
store right now people are going for it they’re going for it because they know
they’re in trouble and by the way CO’s back have you heard of it yeah I heard his back yeah I heard I heard yesterday
the day before but real I I have to tell you this so my friend calls Z Gibson
trby wasn’t allowed to call she had a restrain an order didn’t go there it was whatever whatever they hold him for three days over here in the county this
whole thing right he’s in there any inmate in Florida if you get the shot
you get $35 on your books which means you can buy food make phone calls what
they give you $35 so now think who that pertains to people that don’t have any
money you know hey I’m in here for a month two months I have no money nobody
on the outside they get $ 35 a day if they took a shot at any time if no if
you like say if you take another shot just when you go in when you go in there
he said there’s signs everywhere when you go in we’ll give you $35 on your books if you take the vaccine oh you’re
kidding and at any time you could sign up oh that’s 35 and if you don’t have
money [ __ ] you’re in there for two months starving to death time I’ve heard this yeah no honest to God and this is
not a guy who lies and 35 [ __ ] let’s call Dan santis right now I mean this is ridiculous yeah Mr DeSantis to every and
that’s all Florida there not just one here all they give you 35 that was never
heard of that it’s an induc you know I heard in Australia I went to Australia since I’ve seen you last and boy
Australia you know they were locked down for two years when I went to Australia it was like I was a rock star I mean
there like thousands of people came out I feel like I was like my friend Eric Clapton except I can’t play the guitar I
just kind of know some medical things you know and all these girls wanted to take pictures and stuff and so it was a
big deal but I found out in Australia they were going you know in the interior part of the continent’s hot as hardly
anybody lives there except for the Aber like especially around Al Springs and stuff anyhow they were offering a
thousand Australian dollars if they take a shot wow wow that’s that’s how far they went thousand well remember these
things remember uh you get a raffle and started out you get million was it like a lot of
ticket free college scholarship it’s like you know crazy you know die with a blood clot or win a million dollars I
mean they like what I don’t know since when when I you’re
you’re having a lotto for a vaccine I mean that’s some serious [ __ ] Peter I mean Dr any so it looks like we can get
people out of it um I’m really worried about these cardiac arrests particularly with adamus two years later yeah we
can’t predict I think the safest thing is the icds the subcutaneous ID icds look like it’s going to let the players
play again which is nice by the way Hamlin for the bills yeah I’m a big Bills fan grew up in Buffalo um he’s
playing yeah you think he should be playing this quick well yeah I don’t if he’s got a subcutaneous ICD I don’t see
how they can do hard tackles because that’s right against the chest wall that’s a box I felt pilot Snow’s box I
mean that’s there’s just no way I think he’s going without an ICD now when he first got out did you notice that when
he went to one of the bills playoff games he was wearing a big bulky sweatshirt and I think he had a life Fest on you know what a life Fest is so
when someone’s had a cardiac arrest and and we’re afraid they’re going to have a repeat arrest but we haven’t put in a
defibrillator they can actually wear like a fishing jacket and this fishing jacket it’s like a life preserver it’s
right goes right against the chest and it’ll detect an emiral Mahari them in shock I think he was wearing a a life
vest at that point but I saw him in practice the other day and I don’t I think he’s going without a defibrillator
now the story he’s fronting is that he has codio Cordis have you heard of that no he’s saying that he just had a hard
tackle and it made him have a cardiac yeah I yeah I mean it’s never happened in pro
football the helmet is so big and Broad they wear pads there’s no way this
commod cord is you when he had a cardiac arrest I got called on Tucker Carlson the next night I go on Tucker I said
listen I just need to know if he took a vaccine and because probably the vaccine caused a cardiac arrest I told Tucker
something else I go he’s going to come off the ventilator he’ll walk out of the hospital he’ll be fine everyone dropped their jaw they they go how do you know
how do you know I said because I’m a cardiologist I do this every day I mean
they had all these nck poops on there saying these ridiculous things he’s brain dead he’s there all these guys I I
was the only one to tell America what happened and what how he was going to do and that’s what I did my job right so
anyhow he does walk out of the hospital and and he’s recovered I think probably they did all
the blood test that couldn’t find anything they did the echogram couldn’t find anything and they did an MRI and they actually didn’t find anything and
now we’re stuck and so sometimes the MRI takes slices of the heart but doesn’t look at every milligram there’s probably
a small patch of inflammation that the MRI missed because of the slicing phenomenon and he sitting around as a
risk for another Cardiac Arrest like adamus like adamus and we don’t know
when and we don’t know maybe hopefully it’ll never happen but some people have
repeat arrest and that’s the reason why the adamus case is so big he if it happens to one athlete it can happen to
others there’s been um a ton of yeah ton so there’s a paper I published with Dr
panagis polyrus he’s a Italian researcher we looked at all the uh leagues in Europe Pro Semi-Pro a lot of
soccer and football leagues like way more than pro football age under 35 Pro and Semi-Pro in a stable period before
coid the number of cardiac arrests that would ever occur per year be 29 per year since the vaccines which were mandated
on these guys 283 wow so it’s a tenfold increase that’s a huge they’re dropping
have you have you seen some of these they just drop drop have you seen some of these guys drop now if have you seen
the broadcasters like you have you seen the people the montages of people on TV like like the Nightly News and they’re
passing out no I Haven see if you can pull one of those Rob these these yeah so there are a ton of people passing out
you’ll find that one on Twitter Rob uh passing out and they’re newscasters they’re like I don’t feel too good boom
and just yeah see if you can find it Rob this one’s great this amazing now the point I’m making is and I actually had
to put a statement on my sub deck out on this um where I said listen this is not all Cardiac Arrest because uh uh let’s
see this a soccer guy here’s the soccer Guy this is is recovering this morning after a scary incident at the Rose Bowl
on Sunday he was live on air when Shaka Hislop suffered a medical emergency want to warn you this video may be
distressing to watch for some viewers na from blood pressure going low low low
boom wow Jesus yeah that’s not a cardiac arrest that’s actually what’s called pots posterior orthostatic techic cardia
syndrome so all these guys and he was on he was up the next day and say listen I’m good I’m good it’s a form of
fainting and the vaccine causes this they’ll be don’t try to Google it Google’s blocking it all oh yeah we play
this one who fainted during a live TV broadcast is speaking out for the first time about her
frightening go back whole having her frightening ordal speaking out for the
first time about her frightening ordeal when this happened I think a lot of people including myself thought I was
having a heart attack on the air that was not the case thankfully so what caused Alyssa Carlson to collapse during
payal TV’s Saturday Morning News oh you know we’re going to go ahead and go to break right now today Carlson appeared
on CBS mornings to explain what happened I hadn’t had breakfast that morning um I also had been drinking a lot of coffee
and so most likely I was maybe a little dehydrated so at at that point I thought
I’m just going to power through I’ll be fine as I usually am it what do you think about that no just cut that off
Rob try to find the one that it’s on Twitter okay just go on Twitter Search and say um Montage of newscasters
passing out because there’s a lot of them there has to be dozens and dozens of them it’s not a low blood sugar what
have you it’s actually was called pots poster orthostatic Tech a cardio syndrome I see this in my office every day she says caffeine and didn’t eat the
vaccine changes the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system the Vaso regulatory functions in
the body change and people are prone to passing out tons of people have taken the vaccine will say I feel my heart
pounding inappropriately I feel inappropriately dizzy at the wrong time I can’t exercise and uh uh do it inside
Twitter you will maybe you found it okay do this one but it’s usually inside
Twitter because the rest of these are all um Twitter yeah compilation people passing out on TV should be able to find
it um but okay so this is uh uh treasuries you all right I’m passing out
okay are you okay you want to hang on passing out okay what don’t you you want to sit down gone okay
all you okay okay somebody help him please
somebody help we’ll be back we’ll be back this is amazing how all
yeah this is
over holy hell yeah let go rob let go watch
this blood flow to the brain yeah they all get disoriented and the blood flow
the brain okay see right there I can see that we’ve got a little bit of high heel
issues which happen sometimes it’s not a high heel issue they call that
synop yeah she just takes out the whole
display it’s worldwide this is not an American thing
this is everywhere watch her go down you’ve never seen this before come
on this keeps going and going and going starting today we have a collean challenge it’s open to any college um
any college I’m afraid and you can die just from falling and smashing your head Max
let’s go back to the studio for just a couple
the crushing burden of unaffordable healthare pass out to free families from
the pervasive fear that one illness they’re trying to hold her up there you go you okay I’m right I got
you yeah yeah no no you’re you’re okay this happens when I talk too
long hi you guys so I’m here from the Utah Nordic Alliance of Utah and you
guys are teaching me how to cross country SE so give us some B oh okay you
can turn it off so before the vaccines you never saw
that this is just a this is a smidgen you guys of what’s going on this is
loaded this is clinical practice right now I have patients one after another passing out like this all the time it’s
due to the vaccine it’s not a cardiac arrest we we rule out myocarditis it’s called pots posterio orthostatic teoc
cardia syndrome and it is brutal you do they come back okay they come back okay
yeah but we have to use some various drugs and different strategies we use Bas bake detox in them try to get the
spike protein out of them but people are passing out like crazy now I’ve never seen any of that I think I’ve seen one
they just suppress every everything every single can you imagine but but this is It’s the point is it’s not an
American thing it’s not alcohol they’re different languages different regions of the world what’s the commonality is
two-thirds of the worlds took a shot and then they’re still pushing it
still pushing everything’s okay like everything’s okay and I asked people about it that have gotten like five well
I trust my doctor I have faith in my doctor you know how many times I’ve heard that probably a thousand times do
you know I’ve written the American College of Cardiology and some other cardiologists in my group we wrote them say listen this is fatal now we have
clear autopsy proven fatal myocarditis you got adamus clinical cases like this
autopsy proven I said American College of Cardiology in the fall of 2022 has a
statement saying oh uh there’s risks and benefits but the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks I told him I
said listen you better revisit that better change your guidance I said people are
dying and I said this will not turn out good for any cardiologist or any society
who continues to back these vaccines and you know what it was you know what their answer was nothing completely ghost to
me these are my friends these are people I know I’ve been on these writing committees they are silent because they know they’re wrong they’re wrong money
and risk and people are dying because of it and they don’t care that’s it’s just the truth money and the risk and they
don’t care if people die that’s just the facts do like a a doctor I know for 50
years 60 years a good how do I say I’m only 40 I I’ve known him all my life he’s for the vaccine I I said I’m I’m
like I’m cool with he used to uh co- coach soccer i’ be like have you not read anything at all he’s like I I
recommend it blah blah blah blah blah blah blah okay okay money and it’s is a
good guy but money risk changes people well we found out through Anthem Blue Cross bu Shield there was a letter I
don’t know if you saw it it got Exposed on the internet but they Anthem Blue crossbow Shield Blue crossbow Shield is
a big Commercial Insurance Company it’s not uncommon that a doctor would have like
2,000 patients in their panel of blue crossbow Shield they were offering a bonus and
still are I believe that if they got a certain percentage of their practice vaccinated and and they Blue Cross B Shi
was checking that they would get a bonus if you do the math you know what that kicker was per the doctor I’m afraid
quarter M quarter M okay well there’s your answer there’s your answer that’s your answer so is about a quarter M if
they push the vaccines now blue crossbow Shield is not giving out a quarter million dollars for nothing they’re
getting that money from somebody else I think all this money is rolling from the US government the HHS and the Biden
Administration when they rolled out the co Community core c Co PS funding was
$133 billion plus they Juiced the system they push these vaccines and the money
flowed everywhere do you know there’s still some colleges still pushing the vaccines oh yeah ruers ruers some are
still mandated yeah but now we were we were at probably over a thousand
universities mandating the vaccines at the peak we’re now down to less than a 100 but still they probably haven’t met
their quota they haven’t met their quota to get the [ __ ] money I mean my my
daughter was working out in um uh in LA and uh her employer said well you got to
take the VX you got to take the VX and before we come back to the office you
got to take the V so everyone squirming squirming my my daughter kind of wrote it out and on the Friday before they are
to return on Monday they go oh we’re dropping the Mandate well if it was so damn important to come back to the
office why would they drop it the day before they’re supposed to come back answer they’re trying to hit a quota I
think think they’re trying I think they took government money or money through an intermediary like BlueCross B Shield
or a consulting company or one of these fiscal intermediaries and it’s all about money
it’s the only it’s the only thing that makes sense that’s the only thing and and why is it that it directly goes to
the heart why is that I saw you had written a paper about that because the heart demands my cardio blood flow when
you work out and the vaccine keeps circulate that’s just the base of it all yeah and and you know blood flow is pretty static everywhere else but the
heart’s demanding that’s the reason by the athletes you hear preferentially about athet like you know it was just a
respiratory and then now it’s heart you know kids it is it is the heart of the
matter people are very worried um uh you know we can’t do m in everybody and I
think that’s the reason why Advanced forms of ECGs maybe blood tests and others in vitrogen a uh company is going
to have a spike protein blood test soon that’s going to be very helpful we’re going to order that like crazy to see
who’s got a lot of Spike and who doesn’t oh by the way I had a patient recently young guy really good guy uh who his
aortic valve was going out he had a congenital problem and I I examined him in the office I said you’re in trouble you need a valve surgery he goes you got
to be kidding me I’m 33 years old he goes I didn’t take the vax and I don’t
want to get it through a shot in the hospital or transfusion I said well I can’t make any guarantees you know
you’re going to cardiac surgery you may need you may need a transfusion so he goes to cardiac surgery things go bad
and he gets seven units of blood seven units of blood to survive so he sees me
back in the office he’s recovering he’s a young father and I said listen you look great I said I said remember you
you told me you didn’t take the VX and I said you want me to check to see if there’s any signs that you got the VX
through the transfusion he goes yeah you better check so I ordered I can’t order the spike protein but I ordered the
extended range assay of the antibodies against the spike protein and then I ordered antibodies against the nucleo
capsid which is the ball of the virus when it’s just the natural infection alone the antibodies against the nuclear
capsule will be positive and the antibodies against the spike will be low level like 300 400 on this assay 600
something like that if someone has never had the infection which is pretty rare
and just had the vaccine it’ll be just antibotics against the spike but when we see the VAC seen this antibodies against
the spike it’s like 20,000 25,000 that’s the red marker it’s night and day so I
ordered his and he had really low level against the spike low level against nucle capsus so I called him I said hey
yeah as far as I can tell I don’t think you got anything so you could get it you he could get it through that well we
don’t know it’s actually never been documented I was interested because if he did get it through the VAC that’s I
would I would I would have documented it I think the last time you were in I’m almost POS you I asked you about um like
you know food you know bacon you know steak oh yeah if the animals were shot
up with the vaccine is it possible that it could they did it they did it in Iowa
to and all of was it Iowa that every chicken plant I believe in Iowa got the
the shot yeah every single one I believe it was because you’re a big meat eater right Rob I love meat I knew it I know I
don’t really eat much meat he’s it robs of beef cake you don’t eat much huh a little bit that’s how you keep that skin
so well you know it turns out you I’m reducing my meat well this is what we know you guys this this is the real deal
uh the self-replicating RNA vaccines have been in pork since 2017 and I got
to tell you I’m done eating ham if they if they have a ham sandwich on the plane I’m going to turn it down I just not
going to eat ham I just I I just don’t like the idea now the cooking and curing of ham should denature the RNA and it
should be okay but it just Spooks me it’s not officially in the beef Supply or the chicken Supply yet but but the
companies want to advance this big time uh because it’s a new market and you
know some uh naturopathic do you know some naturopathic veterinarians have told me with modern farming techniques
the animals don’t need any vaccines they don’t it’s just it’s an Overkill do you know we’re we’re hyper
vaccinating our pets yeah right oh I know do you know that you take your dog in oh you need another shot another shot
another shot have you ever seen a squirrel out there taking a vaccine on the front lawn out in the wild they do
fine they do fine how about the rabbits they do fine there’s something about
it’s called vaccine ideology that we have this view that we’re vulnerable our
pets are vulnerable and that we mankind can make ourselves stronger and more
resistant by giving these shots it’s it’s it’s almost like a religion and it keeps going and going and going and like
that doctor you talked about it may not all be money it may be that he has a vaccine ideology it’s like a religion
like vaccines are good for you do you know there’s one NGO that’s out there worldwide NGO there’s a lot of them
there’s Gabi and un and SE and uh others their aspiration is 500 shots per person
oh 500 just keep juicing on these how many how many shots have you taken in your body you ever counted
up very few that’s good how about you very few not a lot I mean I got tattoos but I hate
shots you got tattoos I have uh was we’ll talk about that later um you
know I counted up the number of shots I got I asked my mom I said Mom you know I’ve been you I’ve kind out in the media
talking about vaccines I had to fess up you know what what what what really happened mom and my mom’s a good mom she
doctor the doctor told her to do something my mom did it okay just the way it was back you grew up in Buffalo
New York and you know we respect doctors right the doctor we went to I’ll never forget when I was a kid Dr Severson and
Dr severson’s office was in his his house do you remember when the office was in the house so his living room was
the waiting room his wife was kind of the nurse they they would say just come over when I get home I’ll be back about
8:00 yeah so it was in his house so we would we go to Dr severson’s house and we to get these shots anyhow I got my
vaccine card you guys and I counted up every shot you’re looking at this body
69 shots really now 40 of them are flu shots
because remember as a doctor oh you got to go to medical school you got to go to the hospital also going to medical
school oh you checked your MMR antibodies not good enough take some more shots uh turns out I was in the era
where the polio vaccine failed so oh take some more polio shots so shot shot shots I went to India one time for a
medical um meeting oh my God take some more shots so I ended up taking a ton of
shots so 40 of them are flu shots 20 of them are 29 of them are other shots but
people have said oh Dr Mulla you’re now an antivaxer I was like well how can I be
an antivaxer I’m a pin cushion I’ve toen I’ve taken so many shots I can’t be I’m now vaccine risk aware I’m just aware of
the risks and I can tell you seeing what I see right now we have out there more
flu shots right down the road here they’re advertising a respiratory cial
virus shot there are uh more shingle shots uh numac vaccine on and on and on
I can tell you I’ve had my fill of shots I’m not taking are there are there good vaccines meaning I know the one when you
step on a rusty nail what’s that called you have to go get pnis shot like are
there actually shots out there that are good and are recommended to get because I know a lot of people now it’s
Everybody’s scared of anything everybody you know rightfully so but there’s a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll I
think you have it on one of your tabs Rob this this is really important this came out end of June uh early part of of
July a third of Americans are done with this a third of Americans basically uh
scroll scroll uh down to see the figure look at this 34% of Americans think the
coid vaccines have caused thousands of sudden deaths and otherwise helpy people
definitely are probably true look at the next one the measles mumps and rebell vaccines also known as MMR have been
proven to cause autism in children 24% the co vaccines proven to cause
infertility 27% I mean this is really important that
is a Kaiser Family Foundation by the way is a very Pro vaccine group yeah so I’m
telling you that’s a third of the country knows something is up a third of the country and even with the other
vaccines I I had listened to uh Kennedy you know with the whole mer Mercury and
all that and I thought when I was in high school maybe one person had diabet abetes autism was very rare uh like all
these like somebody especially the diabetes or like low iron never even
heard of maybe one kid in the entire High School had diabetes now every 10
people have diabetes or whatever oh but but Tommy the big one is autism autism I’m sorry well you know well yeah
diabetes is on the rise but you know autism I talked to somebody in California the other day you guys
there’s an Autism tracked yeah so now there’s a track so so you have you know
you have like honors and you have a science and you have an Autism track there’s that many kids with autism do
you think that’s due to the upping the vaccine when you’re a kid yeah it it doesn’t look like it’s any specific
vaccine or aluminum or Mercury because they’re they’re not consistently in all the shots and by the way there’s a lot
of aluminum and allergy shots it’s not the case it’s it’s just the immune system being hyperactivated with all
these barrage of vaccines the inflammatory cyto kindes go up into the brain probably cause permanent changes
and the vignettes are very uh graphic so a child will take six vaccines all at once now develop a fever have a seizure
at home mother is panicking and then since that time the child’s never the same again they they have autism and so
that that’s been that’s been proven so uh I say yes I think hyper vaccination
is the only explanation for why autism is so incredibly common we went from a
handful of shots when you and I were young to now absolutely getting blit all kinds of it’s like having the having the
discussion like we’re having I feel like if we did that more like maybe it’s not
from from the vaccine but it tends to show this right like if I take bleach and I dump it on the plant and the plant
dies it probably died from the bleach but maybe there was something else that did kill that plant but let’s just talk
about and let’s look at it but no one want wants to do that right away it’s just nope the vaccine uh is not killing
people they just had heart conditions before or you know no the rise of autism is not from the shots there’s a link
somewhere maybe it isn’t the shot maybe it’s uh something in the f I don’t know but you could at least talk look at the
other experiment are there any examples where people take no vaccines in what happens so there’s a study by hooker
Miller um Thomas and then there’s an older Amish study and you know when the
kids take no vaccines nothing happens they’re fine yeah no asthma or very little asthma need for tempanos tubes
fitis allergic dermatitis lower absent rates of Neuropsychiatric conditions
like uh add autism Aspergers other movement and cognitive disorders going
natural right now looks so good and what Kaiser found on their survey is about a
third of adults with their kids now going natural they’re saying forget it they’re not going to skip these shots
because right now on the day of birth the kids get a hepatitis b shot which
has aluminum in it for sure and now starting like right now they’re going to
get a Depot injection of a monoclonal antibody against RSV and on the first
day of life it’s like wow let the baby just be natural with the mother why do they have to get blasted with these
shots you know I grew up in Pennsylvania so we had what we used to call half an Amish because they were Amish but they
had electricity electricity and stuff you know so they were halfway and halfway but they didn’t take any vaccines five of them I st hey what’s up
buddy cuz if I want something built they make the best stuff right so if I need like a desk or something even though
they could make this one because it’d be too heavy long story anyway they didn’t get any vaccines no problems dad’s no
problem dad’s [ __ ] 101 eating bacon you know God knows what he’s perfectly fine you know piles up you know I lived
in Michigan a long time as a doctor and and there’s Amish in mid Michigan and I
tell you what we used to see them on the road they’d be in their horse and buggy you know we’d be driving and every so
often Amish would bring one of their kids or somebody in the ER when they brought in somebody in the ER you better
take it seriously because they’re going to be sick yeah because the Amish take care of their own medical problems they
figure it out well you could smell them about three miles before they come in too they figure it out but they could
build [ __ ] but it uh going natural looks very safe right now because we have a environment we don’t we’re not load we
have you know so many of the illnesses now are Legacy illnesses we don’t have overwhelming di theia
pertusus uh non-typable H hoph influenza B we don’t have tetanus uh rampant polio
or any of these measles mster B because we have such a cleaner environment the vaccines didn’t make the illnesses go
away that Environmental water quality air quality you know we don’t live in
squala anymore I’m an Irish American and my family came over from Ireland 1870s
and process through Elvis Island we lived in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City do you know what took out the Irish
early on strap strap throat do you know my great grandmother died of Bright’s
disease which is she died at the age 32 after 10 kids with yeah 10 kids and she
died of kidney failure due to post strepto glus my grandfather my dad’s dad
uh died of romantic disease again strep throat we don’t have strep throat
problems anymore you know why because we have antibiotics so you get a strep throat we don’t have dium pusis because
we treat it with a zpac the tetnus shot that you mentioned Rob when you come into the ER and you have a nail or
something they give you a tetna shot it’s not for that nail wound it’s for the next one for the next so the idea is
can we to clean out a wound give some antibiotics we don’t need a tetna shot so you go through the entire schedule
virtually nothing is compelling right virtually nothing there’s a couple I think think are pretty strong one is rubella German Measles it it’s not
because you and I have a threat from kids boys don’t even have a problem with German Measles it’s the pregnant women
so if a woman has German Measles when she’s pregnant it can be a disaster the baby can have all kinds of we used to
have about um 20,000 cases of congenital rubella syndrome a year it’s kind of like zika it’s really awful for the and
now with the rubella vaccine which came in when I was a kid uh we’re down to
like 2 cas a year I mean so it’s really been a miracle so I would say as girls
approach childbearing years maybe rubella okay you could make that case if
you’re going to go off to a military Barracks what have you the Menin caco vaccine something to
look at me in healthcare I’m dealing with blood needles IV drug abusers and stuff Hepatitis B we could get it down
to a few vaccines that are risk stratified as opposed to right now if
you just follow the schedule right now it’s a blitz we’re talking well over 100 shots for these
kids it’s too much it’s hyper vaccination uh we’re going to get in
trouble the these all these immune reactions are there’s no doubt you give a vaccine to provoke the immune system
there’s going to be some consequences right uh speaking of aluminum you know
like there the new thing is no aluminum in the deodorant is there any truth to that that that if there’s aluminum in
the deodorant that’s a risk of cancer or carcinogen or anything like that or is
that just a marketing BS yeah you know there’s aluminum in various products there’s some in underarm deodorant
there’s aluminum and some of the vaccines by the way the antigen based vaccines um Hepatitis B the uh tep the
tetanus um uh pacle vaccine the ones that aren’t live atten veg they have
aluminum in all allergy shots by the way any kids getting allergy shot sh are getting aluminum injected now the human
body ingests I think about 7 to9 micro milligrams of aluminum a day uh with
these shots uh I think the first year of Life the kids are getting 4.4 milligrams
we should be below limits of concern now we used to give um Al caps we used to
give uh oral aluminum for dialysis patients but we were giving like 600 milligram 12200 milligram a day and that
caused some aluminum toxicity but does the deodorant is that enough
I wouldn’t get worried but um if you want I know people will clear it out their entire closet yeah but you know if
you really want some really hot deodorant this is a tip guys out there I know you have a lot of guys that listen
isn’t it every man Jack oh yeah yeah yeah is it yeah every man well listen my
son is a knock him out triathlete and uh
he ran all four years for Baylor good for you and during medical school at UT Houston Houston Shan in his junior
senior year he actually qualified for and competed in the world championships at the half Iron Man and the last time
at the last time he did it last year he got invited to be on the Everyman Jack team so he’s on the teams about 80 the
top Riders and good for you Sean you’re not messing around buddy so ien I’ve got the T-shirt I’m getting the swag I’m
getting deodorant and every man Jack deodorant I think doesn’t have any aluminum in it it’s it’s a natural right
yeah and he got invited to to go pro which is a a great honor but he’s been doing an ER residency and so he can’t do
pro so what he’s thinking about doing his he’s up in Pittsburgh getting through the residency and then maybe
working part-time and going pro because you could do that in ER you could work a few shifts and then and go pro but he
just on Sunday he competed in a um Olympic triathlon just outside Pittsburgh he won the whole thing
congratulations Sean congratulations buddy he won the whole thing he finished
up showered up and then did his went into the hospital did his rotation just like okay you’re a monster Sean you’re a
monster brother you’re a monst because I was at CPAC which is one of the political meetings and I was at a
table um where all these uh kind of I was at a table that was near the VIP
table so I was at this table and Tulsi Gabbert was there Ronda santz uh James
o’keef from Project veros they’re at that table and I was just going to go over and introduce myself cuz I kind of
like her you know she’s kind of got that deep voice have you ever listened to her yeah I have she’s kind of got a little
Mojo to her you know what I mean so I kind of you know she’s got some game so I was going to introduce myself but then
I thought you know I would feel like such a Gawker and people were kind of gawking around their table and I just I
don’t like to impose myself so I figured well you know I’ll just let it go so
sure enough she wanted to meet me and I didn’t I didn’t know it that’s awesome that’s cool but I recently went on with
Laura Trump yeah Laura Trump yeah speaking of trump I wanted to ask why do
you think he hasn’t come out because he could use that as a play but he could
get hit with then maybe okay well you said that there was no more ior meon
because if there’s iveron then we can’t do operation warp spe because then there would be a medicine that could be
possibly used to treat Co so we have to get rid of that and say it’s for horses
so that we could do operation War speed to to mandate the vaccine so on and so
forth why in the world do you think Trump doesn’t come out these guys they’re not coming out because of money
and whatever else why doesn’t Trump come out yeah it’s hard I couldn’t ask Laura
Trump that directly because she’s obviously very supportive of her father-in-law you have to respect family
members who really and what they’re doing to him is absolutely insane do like so she yeah whether you like him or
not just uh you you and I talked about it we’re essentially political Independence right I think it’s just for
whatever B yeah was ever best for the country and I think it’s important for media to be independent I I wish
actually all of the major media if people would say listen we’re independent meaning we’re willing to
listen to ideas every open mind as opposed to a a station saying we are the
station of the democratic party we are the station of the Republican party I like well like why do you have to do
that I mean why why can’t why can’t you listen to all sides so anyhow she’s even
though they all go out to dinner every night together right but so like a family member I think is different so you know she you know really needs to
support her family member and she’s very smart and so what I told her is is I I
said listen uh and what this is what she told me I think our show is coming out in a few weeks she said listen my my
father is not a doctor this is a medical emergency you know he re sought out and
respected the medical advice that he got but he got really bad medical advice and
what I told her I said what we’ve learned is that you you know former president Trump was lied to he was lied
to I think purposely too I know but when you’re lied to and you don’t know you’re
being lied to what are you going to do I mean I think that’s the the analysis and
the question is what do you do now though that’s the so all the presidential candidates are doing
something different the the one who’s just wide open on this who made the call was Robert F Kennedy he said listen I
called it these vaccines weren’t bad he’s you know he’s called it on other vaccines so he’s called it so he’s
people understand his view Vivic ramaswami who I’m told did pretty well last night in the debate yeah a young
guy Indian background he he comes out and he’s a little hesitant but he goes listen I took two shots but I regret it
and if I could do it over again I wouldn’t and then he you know but he navigates him there Des santis has come
out and said listen I it never mandate these shots and the the kids shouldn’t
take it I I imagine he probably took it most of these guys took the shot um and
then the other candidates really haven’t spelled out their uh position now uh now
Trump has Trump what Trump has said to be fair to him uh is he said listen I
would have never mandated these and he hasn’t waver that the good thing about Trump is when he says something def he
doesn’t flipflop yeah he he he does he goes I would never mandate these and
think about a world where the vaccines were never mandated optional yeah if they were never mandated would we be in
this predic absolutely not very different and where and where is Dr
Anthony fouchy at he’s just disappeared into La La Land like where is fouchy
himy have really he apparently he’s got a teaching position at Georgetown boy biny has just faded uh remember Deborah
Burks the scarf lady scarf lady is like now CEO of a biotech
company I mean what really are they I mean it’s just these guys in our book we
call it the biopharmaceutical complex means it’s like a Syndicate it’s like a listen you guys know you guys are a
Mafia Family [ __ ] that listen the mafia listen when are they coming in Rob the
mafia they take care of each other it’s not the Italian listen 50 years ago it
was the Irish mob that’s us that’s my family then you guys it was the Italian mafia now it’s this it’s the
biopharmaceutical complex it’s a mafia and they take care of each other listen to this former FDA commissioner young
handsome guy Scott gotl who does they work for the board of fizer they stay in the mafia so listen
you do a good job in office we’ll get you a nice sweet board position afterwards look at the guy a made guy
yeah look at uh look at the guy who follows him Steph Han he works for the Venture Capital firm for madna oh they
they made him a captain they made him a captain who got the con there’s a recent um uh medical Public Health leader in
the UK he he just gets a job with madna the links are amazing the links are amazing
so Jeremy Ferrar who’s at the welcome trust he’s helping fouchy try to squelch the the lab leak this has all came out
in the emails Ferrari gets upgraded from the Welcome trust he’s a chief scientist at the wh now oh my God these guys are
all taking care of each other s like conflict of interest they’re in the complex listen they’re in the complex
this biopharmaceutical complex as well it is a Syndicate and the money is rolling you know the Gates Foundation
they’re a big part of the complex sick man they invested a couple million in BIO entech they got out billions they’re
investing in each other and this Money Ball continues to roll and get bigger
and bigger and it’s so powerful now by the media by the influence keep the
athletes quiet keep everybody quiet just keep rolling suppress anything
everything there you go mhm [ __ ] now tell me about uh disease X and I don’t
mean uh Twitter which that’s a whole thing oh do you like this Twitter app I hate this Twitter thing the whole thing
I keep looking at my phone for Twitter and I see this black x i it’s not Twitter oh yeah it is but why with Elon
I think he’s the arm no one’s looking at 100% Elon I do I I can’t take away all
the great things he’s done but I think he’s part of it 100% I think he’s part
of the agenda Because unless you could tell me why he would appoint that Linda as CEO of Twitter and then suddenly 3
Days Later neurolink gets to what the third stage of the FDA final
so let me get this straight he pays double for Twitter okay oh Elon Elon
he’s going to save the world for free speech gets Tucker private messaging buy
a blue check d da everybody comes over Elon Elon then he makes of all people
the most vaxer lady in the planet World economic Forum operative Right Said
professionally okay I say vax to death woman censor to death woman
CEO then I tweet a message to somebody I’m a [ __ ] calling myself a [ __ ] it
gets censored I can show you the screenshot no lose followers depending on who I post on there I could show you
app points her three days later neuralink is in the final stage of the FDA isn’t that a little weird maybe I’m
just a cuckoo now he’s not a conspiracy theorist this is kind
theorist uh rob you got to pull up this one pull up rational theorist
doccom rational theorist so you’re a conspiracy theorist which is the slang
you just you were just laid out that you’re conspiracy theorist I’m already a 10 but your response to that is saying
no I am a rational theorist so a rational theorist means you’re coming up with a theory but it’s rational it’s
debatable and we can talk about it I love to be wrong yeah yeah so it’s a rational so if you rob see if you can
bring up rational theorist this is a brief clip it’s funny cuz I’m in it are you see if you can do it Rob I think
it’s called rational www rational theorist. comom hope this is right let’s see here hold on one second or it’s on
my substack it’s all over the place so if you I hope this is the right website let’s see coming up right now that’s it
play this one all right so here we go just play the video Yeah play it out Rob and then blow it up
yeah dictate the rules of when and how you can use your
money what are you watching I didn’t know it’s some conspiracy theorist but in the usual
rubbish but isn’t she some kind of investment banker what if she’s right right come
off the grass she’s a conspiracy theorist with Co 19 vaccines there isn’t
a single paper in the New England joural medicine jamama lanc where the conclusion is the risk of the vaccines
outweigh the benefits do you think that it could be [Music]
true he’s a conspiracy theorist but isn’t he a pretty famous doctor like why
would he tarnish his career just to make those things up the sharing of biased and false false news has become all too
common on social
they’re all saying the same thing you see that one with millions of others I have recently been called a
conspiracy theorist for the first time in my life and it just does not sit
right with me we’ve been forced to embrace this term but what if it’s being
intentionally used to discredit people and then dawned on me we’ve never been
conspiracy theorists because our theories are logical evidence-based and
even debatable if people would debate us we are not conspiracy theorists at all
we’re actually rational theorists until now maybe you’ve been afraid to ask
questions because you’ve seen people publicly vilified and bullied for doing so but things have changed now is the
perfect perfect time to ask questions because you are a rational theorist and
your theories are exactly that love it love it now when somebody
says conspiracy I’m going to say oh I’m a rational conspiracy yes and I know her
that’s Monica Schmidt from Australia she’s coming over to Dallas uh next month I’m GNA have she probably going to
stay at my house uh and her her father’s coming with her um she has really been a
hero uh she’s uh meting one of the freedom groups of in Australia she spent a little she spent a little jail time
great video so a little jail time she’s trying to buy milk for her kids I think uh broke broke one of the curfews or
something and they CH know have you seen some of these pictures in Australia of these cops like brutalizing people have
you seen that I take out clubs yeah and just just this choking people and it’s
the most ridiculous thing these brutal images of uh authoritarian police and
you spend in Canada Australia New Zealand and these cops are wearing FL
jackets and they have masks on and stuff and they’re trying to wrestle somebody and this is in the context of Co if
you’re if you’re worried about spreading Co the last thing you want to do is get in a wrestling match with them right right especially I mean can you imagine
you pull down the mask face I game over right does it take
a do 20 years to realize the most ridiculous thing is have you seen uh these film these uh news Reals in China
where they’re wearing hazmat suits and they’re tackling each other and and trying to stuff swabs up each other’s
noses I had a chance to interview um Eugenia brenos and she’s from El
Salvador in Central America tiny little woman she’s fearless and uh she’s treated tens of
thousands of patients and she figured out how to treat patients without hydroxy corquin and without Ivermectin
so she uses a different combination of drugs great lady and I asked her I said
have you ever worn a mask she goes no she goes no I don’t wear a mask she not
going to and she’s just people coughing in her face and whatever she yeah I’m fine and and uh uh and she’s treated all
these patients and I said what do you think about the Chinese wearing hasm if you’ve come Shields yeah if you if
you’ve come face to face with tens of thousands of coid patients and you’re perfectly fine what do you think about
people in these hmus she goes they’ve lost their mind they need to be in the Looney Bin they’re in the Looney Bin
think about this I I mean you think about the ridiculous of this is that uh
for instance let’s say you have your grandmother and she’s at home and she
has Co and you’re trying to take care of her and you’ve been around her she’s coughing and hacking you’re giving medicines and you finally get to the
point where it’s time for Grandma to go in the hospital grandma goes in the hospital suddenly you can’t see her yeah
no no there’s isolation there’s wait a minute I was just with her for the last two weeks if I you know if I have it I have it yeah this business of not
letting family members see each other and they died alone in the hospital that’s reprehensible any person with
common sense would know come on if you were just there for two weeks what’s the big deal for you going in the hospital
get over it let’s get yeah that’s is that’s so wrong now tell me about the ZX
oh this going to be a whole another thing well listen uh you know part of this uh Syndicate this biopharmaceutical
complex if you go back to 2012 it’s the US government it’s um uh
the military the research groups the National Institutes of Health they are really into developing biological
threats like a virus or another organism that could cause disease you could actually use it as a threat and then an
answer a vaccine monoclonal antibodies Therapeutics that’s the new normal instead of missiles and shields we now
have biological threats and what they call biological countermeasures well one of the big players in and this is Peter
dassk Peter dassk leads the Eco Health Alliance he’s kind of a a megalomaniac
the Eco Health Alliance is an NGO they work closely with the NIH they’re well funded he got paid a quarter million
dollar of US dollars to fly back and forth first class for years to Wuhan
China shuttling the plans from Ralph baric at University of North Carolina chill to Wuhan they’re the ones who
cooked up SARS K too it’s Peter desk well Peter desk wrote a New York Times peace in 2020 saying disease X in 2020
and it was February of 2020 and Peter desk says disease X it’s here it’s here
uh this is co it’s disease X we should do disease X research we should actually theoretically try to come up with more
diseases and then come up with more answers so we’re ready the problem with Peter desk is yeah look at that click on
that Peter uh uh uh don’t click on the video it’s too long Frank uh Gaffney is
a great guy but scroll down um Gaffney uh snuffed this out keep scrolling down
there’s a picture of Peter dasik but there’s even there there’s uh you know there’s there it is that that’s Peter
desk 20 yeah February 27th 2020 these guys want to cook up viruses that can be
new diseases for which they can make vaccines it was announced in the UK they have a disease laboratory probably deep
down in the some dungeon below London or something where they’re trying to cook up another monster turns out there were
there biolabs all over biolabs in Ukraine there was one in Sudan did you hear about the Chinese biolab in
California no oh my gosh yeah so anyhow turns out that somebody was stumbling
upon some Warehouse things look like it was kind of fishy and it was a Chinese biolab in California the Chinese were
keeping it secret they were staff laugh in that they had all kinds of bugs in there all kinds of nasty things it
wasn’t under the regulatory authority of anybody see they weren’t trying to they weren’t registering with the FDA or the
NIH they were just working on on some something bad now the the thing that I heard about
a week ago or a couple days ago that there’s something going around now is this what they’re referring to is that a
whole other thing no what going around now is called uh it’s Omron variant is
eg5 and FL so it’s andf their new variants we are in another outbreak you
guys you’re going to get it again you’re going to get it I don’t know if I ever got it you’re going to get it we’re all going to get it if I got it I don’t my
mom just got it when I’m done with this podcast I’m going to call Mom she’s in the senior center she’s got it I’m sorry
you know she’s fine she on mullor protocol go to my website rob you got it up there
m what we need to do just scroll scroll down and just click on itand it Mulla
protocol has saved millions of lives you know Peter hotz got nominated for
the Nobel priz he didn’t save anybody my protocol is save millions of lives yes it has so Mom Mom just worked
The Upfront uh part of the protocol see she self quarantined uh in her apartment
for 5 days she’s using the Pavone iodine nasal sprays and gargles she’s doing it six times a day she I told her open up
the air of the windows get some air flowing in there and she’s working the over-the-counter bundle the next dark
blue box so put your pointer up there that up therec zinc 50 Mig vitamin D 20,000 units vitamin C 3,000 Mig that
vitamin C by the way is 3,000 you take it several times a day cartin 500 milligrams twice a day
flodine 80 milligrams which is over-the-counter pepid it’s four times a daily dose and aspirin so Mom is jamming
on this pepid all that always made me laugh when because it actually works against the virus I know it was just
funny so uh mom is nearly through it uh I was a little bit worried cuz you know
she’s elderly and she’s frail and she she had coid last year she had the FMA color protocol last year she got Ivor ma
in and first first illness you need we need to run the drugs so Mom got the first protocol last year and she got
through it um uh within about 5 days so my wife shuttled it over she did great
this is her second illness so I said Mom I don’t think you need the prescription drugs just the over the-counter but I sent a doctor over yesterday to listen
to her lungs clear and I talked to Mom on the way to airport last night when we were coming to see you and she’s doing
great I’ll check on her again listen when someone gets coid you guys and you have an elderly parent or grandparent
communication call frequently and check on them to make sure they don’t miss a dose or something they don’t get
confused keep reminding them do the nasal sprays and garles are super important I got it right in my bag now I
got iodine now I flew here last night before I got on the plane I did a couple
squirts of the iodine spray and I went to the bathroom and I have a little throat spray I sprayed it and I actually gargled a little bit in my back mouth
got on the plane got off the plane Hotel did the same procedure this morning woke
up this stuff is traveling on the plane my mom and my brother got it on the plane because they took an Alaskan
cruise they’re flying back from sale that’s where Mom got it I guarantee the iodine nasal sprays and gargles they
work masks do not work masks M fact masks probably make it worse because
you’re breathing it back in and it’s just you’re not getting good air air flow the iodine Works my doctor before I
met you who got indicted another another one with all this [ __ ] he was one he had
well he was like you he actually read before I met you he read all your stuff yeah remember I come in and I said hey
you got to start using like what the [ __ ] is he doing over here he got indicted all kinds of stuff I think I
think other stuff but I think it stemmed from a lot of this now that that it came out he got out they actually indicted
him sentenced him he appealed it with all tons and tons of lawyers out case is
over dropped it in the Feds that never happens in the feds but he had I tell you kill the lawyers yeah these lawyers
are eating us up though I tell you right now I oh go I can’t do I can’t find help to really yeah now I did I did start
McCulla Foundation maybe bring that up uh I lawyers to do that uh very important McCulla Foundation is
supporting all this work you guys now this is 501c3 it means it’s tax
deductible uh you can donate right on the the website we are working in the area of uh clinical investigation
scholarship Mulla protocol based by detox whatever’s coming up next media Communications uh very very busy you
know I’m a frequent contributor on Fox and all the other major stations uh and need support there legal I am a expert
witness in over a hundred cases right now helping the military helping people been screwed by these vaccines so I need
the financial support there and every little bit help
when you click on it and you you go through the checkout you actually get a statement says this is for your taxes
your accountant yeah give to your accountant so this is that we really set up the website well and we’ll have that
up top and then the fourth area is uh advising uh lawmakers so I flew to um
New Hampshire on the foundation last weekend and I was asked to advise about a dozen members of Congress there of
their house about how they should set up their investigations Lessons Learned the
reason why everybody’s going through this now Lessons Learned because the next pandemic coming we’ve been told
there’s going to be something you know marberg or pxo viruses whatever you we got to be ready we have to learn from
what didn’t work so we can respond better I think next month is going to be
so interesting because you probably heard Alex Jones where he broke the news where a TSA whistleblower or TSA
informant I shouldn’t say whistleblower informant told Alex they had a meeting they’re they’re going to lock down
starting September 15th we’re talking full masks and everything in the airports look yeah you guys Jones has in
my opinion he’s been pretty on about 85% maybe the dates a little bit off but
he’s in my opinion he’s 85% on the mark maybe a little bit later maybe a little
bit have you ever had him on your show no I haven’t I haven’t I’ve had Roger Stone on a bunch of times but uh Alex
I’m pretty close to Alex and uh when I first went on with him I was a little bit worried again I’m a political
independent meaning independent means I’m not a afraid to vote for a Democrat I’m not afraid to vote for a republican
I’ve always been you know fair to everybody and I don’t have any tattoos I
don’t smoke I’ve never shot a gun I’m just not a hardcore right winger and
I’ve always thought Alex Jones is like the hardcore right-winger and my wife says oh don’t go down and go I’m with
him he’s just he’s just too crazy you know so I went down there and I told Alex I you know I showed up like this
I’m a doctor I said listen I’m just a doctor I just I just want a straight interview a clean interview and his
producers said Alex no no tricks no stunts whatever because Alex has done stuff like get a bunch of Ivor mecon and
Gobble it right on right on TV and stuff he goes see I’m fighting you know he’s he’s a little bit of a he’s got that
bullfrog uh voice you know he goes get your guns get your ammo they’re coming
for you right now you can imagine people you know out in rural Alabama somewhere saying Martha get the shotgun go go
drones so anyhow uh I got down there I had chance to meet him and it just he is the best guy he clearly understands
everything he’s so well read he gets up early in the morning all those stacks of papers in front of him and in he’s read
every page he knows the facts Alex is so fair he’s a very fair person he’s
respectful um and and I will engage with him in an interview like this and he’ll
say Doc just slow down start over and explain it you know he he wants to get
it to an to an understandable level yeah simple terms which is actually so important he he he he’s smart enough to
realize the need that his everyone’s audiences have different ranges right and there’s several times Alex said
listen I’m going to walk out of the studio you tell America what you want to tell America I mean what a what an interesting guy so I think what Rogan uh
said about Alex and you know there and Alex’s studio is not that far from Rogan’s studio um what what Rogan said
about Alex is said Alex Jones is the most misunderstood man in the world and he is he’s he’s incredibly misunderstood
I wonder if Spotify went to him about Alex too because he hasn’t had Alex back on that’s weird it’s just weird to me
because they were so but what Alex said is that listen that the B it’s also all over the Internet the bid Administration
is messaging they’re going full lockdown they’re going to try to go full lock down and they’re going to try to time
this with the new vaccines now the new vaccines will be xbb 1.5 xbb 1.5 is
already faded out the vaccine is already too late it’s less than 5% of cases it’s
going to be down to by the time the first shot comes out there won’t be any more of that strain around so they’re hopelessly behind right now they’re
giving ba4 ba5 there there’s that’s that’s gone do you think there’s any shot that this is so that Biden doesn’t
have to physically debate like in person again well that’s a good point was it
time for uh presidential politics remember Biden he’s going have a tough time onage remember he he won last time
from his bunker yeah remember he was in his bunker and he’s in he’s been in his bunker since for most part is he gonna
debate Kennedy I don’t think he is I he don’t you know have you been following
Robert F Kennedy in his yeah yeah yeah we we were we’re still we’re still going
yeah yeah we were following yeah yeah we I’m following him too you know I know him
personally are you going to get behind Kennedy or get behind Trump or the santis I said listen I’m an independent
I do more media by the way than all these guys way more way more I said
so I think all the presidential candidates need help I’m happy to help
all of them they all need help then people say well how can you help Kennedy I said right now Kennedy is in the weeds
he’s trying to litigate everything press in him to die well he’s trying to he’s trying to litigate vaccine details and
he needs to get out of the weeds and say listen I’ll have Mulla or lions Wier or
someone else litigate vaccines for me you know he needs to get on the big picture of foreign policy domestic
policy the economy education immigration policy and get out of the weeds he’s
just he’s in the weeds and he’s a lawyer so he’s like oh I want to litigate something it’s like no you’re
try be um we had him coming in and then he went on Rogan uh like we were going
back and forth with the date then we he went on Rogan and then their dates got jammed up so probably get him back so
he’s doing by the way out of all the people in the media Kennedy’s doing the best in the media I like him a lot you
up Instagram or Twitter he’s up he’s up he’s more than anybody uh so that’s
Kennedy Biden isn’t doing anything nothing cam campaign wise and um and
clearly has no new ideas so that would be on the Democratic side you got RFK and you got Biden on the Republican side
you’ve got one of these 15 people uh and none of them can get any
air time I mean you got Larry Elder got Tim Scott 13,000 people Mike Pence they
they can’t I get more I actually have a bigger Instagram presence than they do I
mean because I I get the feeds how come they’re not coming up the thing that there’s nothing stopping them from
giving a few comments on Instagram and getting out there none of them I I kind of wonder who is their social media
managers who who are their they just running to uh raise money well cuz some
of these guys you know that they have they know they got no shot well here’s the
thing why would one be one of 15 people running on the Republican ticket if you
didn’t want to be president well one reason would be that
you really just want a place in the cabinet true so if you were running on
the Republican ticket and you just wanted a place in the cabinet you would never attack Trump because Trump’s got
basically got majority and and you would be um differential to Trump supportive of
trump and just try to stay alive and be a cabinet pick most of them look to me
like they’re trying to be cabinet members because they’re not attacking Trump anybody who attacks Trump directly
they’re going to be out right he’s listen you attack me too much you’re not going to be in the C you’re done so Chris kiss Christie is you know probably