Alana K Vandeveer, Off-Market, Investment Properties, and Local Government,, Commercial Real Estate, Growing up in a real estate professional environment Alana was guided to a real estate career. 

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Obtaining her appraising trainee license immediately out of high school. After earning her Political Science degree Alana immediately obtained her real estate license. Alana started appraising residential properties until she began appraising commercials and fell in love with the industry; from the array of properties to the business leaders she met. Alana is now using that experience to specialize in sales, leasing, and development of commercial properties. Alana has and continues to assist large corporations, small businesses by assisting companies in finding new locations, and subletting current spaces; clients range from the corporate, and franchise, to start-up and growing small businesses. Having such. the experience between Alana and her family who have been in Government, we discuss future predictions in the market and more. 

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IG: Https://www.Instagram.Com/alanakvandeveer

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