Andrew Meyers, Andrew Vs World has explored 88 countries, 7 continents, and counting. IG: @andrewvsworld Co-Founder Kafe.Cafe brings authentic coffee from around the world. Andrew started traveling at the age of 19, moving to Costa Rica on a whim. Since then, he has been filling his lifelong dream of seeing and experiencing every country on the planet. Andrew lived in Costa Rica, Australia, and the USA when not traveling. Kafe.Cafe and International coffee subscription business a year ago, bringing authentic real coffee from other countries to your front door.  Addicted to extreme sports, adrenaline, and doing things he’s not supposed to by society’s standards as the journey continues.

Andrew Meyers, Andrew Vs World: IG: ⁠@andrewvsworld⁠

Native Coffee Brands From The World’s Best Coffee-producing Countries. https://Kafe.Cafe Over 125 International brands from your favorite countries & counting.

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