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Bill Maeda is a 54-year-old personal trainer with rotational movements and specific breathing patterns. His methods have allowed him to achieve and maintain an absolutely incredible physique, and impeccable movement quality, all while staying injury-free well past the half-century mark. He taught me how important training the jaw is, so in some of his videos you see, you think he is using his teeth, Bill has trained his jaw which we discuss in length. Bill also eats what he wants, only until full, food to Bill is fuel. Bill is known for his eye-catching Instagram photos and videos. He has a huge following. TikTok has one of the world’s most prominent calculations regarding finding skilled people and one of those gifted individuals is Bill. His breathing methods have also provided him greater endurance during high-intensity training, on and off the mat, and have also transformed his personality to be more relaxed and happy with less anxiety. Bill also got through cancer, addiction, and more. Bill explains the importance of exogenous ketones. Bill has beaten all odds, with a great attitude!

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