Chad Focus, the fall guy who engineered the Bot Farms that got books on NY Times Best Sellers, top 10 on Billboard charts, Ticketmaster who Stub Hub, EvenBright, Live Nation are all umbrellas of aka scoupers. IG: @iamchadarrington One on on sultation. Did you ever go to buy a ticket for a concert, game, etc., and it’s sold out, it’s not sold out? They buy their own tickets dump them to the umbrella companies, sell them for 10x the price, then write off on their taxes what it cost to buy their own tickets. This method is going for everything. Artists, movies, podcasts, books, Jordan’s, the list goes on. There is a machine behind everything, buying that ticket every 3 min through a bot farm, the artist that stays #1 no matter what or top 10 is most likely pushed to #1 by the bot farms. He made a $250,000 profit by buying tickets to his own concert with Lil Baby and then reselling those tickets. A hit song “Dance With Me” – hit the Billboard charts.

His new, Focus Music University, coming soon:, is to empower the black community and put money into their hands and music is a way to do it. Chad also has an E-book which comes free with anyone on one consultation.

Chad happened to be the fall guy as he was just too good. The major companies for which he worked got fined. Having made his own way, from the hood of Baltimore, he was the perfect person to make the example of.

Chad went to federal prison for wire fraud. Chad now has taken his Man Against The Machine genius. He is opening Chad Focus University, one on one sessions of 30 min to 1.5 hours to share the tricks of the trade. Chad also has an E-book.

Connect with Chad Focus: 1# way he answers all DM’s himself: IG @iamchadarrington 1 on 1 Sessions⁠ Focus Music University⁠ Website


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