Charlie Kirk, the trailblazing conservative voice behind Turning Point USA speaks of the Donald Trump Indictment, WOKE, and how he is doing all he can to change the climate such as TPUSA Frontlines – A massive frontline reporting project with guerrilla-style journalists with cameras . The Charlie Kirk Show – started as a podcast, became a nationally syndicated radio show, and is now simulcast on streaming sites and Real America’s Voice News. One of the largest conservative podcasts and audiences in the country. His passion, drive, and vision propelled Charlie to American conservatism’s forefront. From the inception of his grassroots movement to the current political climate, we’ll explore the impact of his work on today’s generation. Don’t miss this unforgettable conversation with one of the most influential voices shaping the nation’s political landscape. Charlie isn’t just talking, he’s putting his words into action: TPUSA Academy – An effort to work in schools, starting schools, pods, homeschooling  TPUSA – Launching new chapters on college and high school campuses –

Charlie Kirk: TWITTER: @CharlieKirk11 | IG: CharlieKirk1776 | YouTube: @RealCharlieKirk | Rumble: @CharlieKirk |

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