Dr. Robert Epstein a World–World-renowned psychologist, professor. There are countless cartoons on YouTube that, for a split second, show the most horrendous images for a child to see.

Protecting children, Elections, and adults from the hidden agenda within big TEC: https://MyGoogleResearch.com https://AmericasDigitalShield.org https://TechWatchProject.org⁠ .  |

Amazingly or not, over 80% of the suggested results for children on YouTube are clicked on as they chase that puff of smoke where a private part appears, violence or worse. That’s children. 

This goes all the way up the ladder, slowly gaslighting, brainwashing “It won’t happen to me” until it’s too late. 

Please support Dr. Epstein and his team.





This episode is dedicated to Misty Epstein. A wonderful woman Rob and I never got the chance to meet, however, through Dr. Epstein she’s right with us.

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