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Dr. Steven Greer, by trade an ER doctor, finds himself of all people being called to talk to the CIA and the President of the United States about UFOs, UAPs, and the extraterrestrial life phenomenon. A New Documentary thelostcenturyfilm.com coming, Disclosure 2.0 Conference bit.ly/3KdYAPW No one has more proof coming from validated high-ranking officials. We discuss alien bodies that are being kept hidden (shown), extraterrestrial crafts we have (shown), and payoffs to those who Dr. Greer trusted to conduct studies. A secret shadow government to make the public fear other life and crafts when that is not necessary. In this episode, we go through it all, the crafts we have from other planets dating back to the 40s (shown) we made (Shown), and even bodies. So what’s in the sky? Is it them, us, or both, are the crafts coming near fighter jets and others or crafts we cloned to create fear by the Secret Government? What’s the ultimate goal? Did JFK’s assassination play a role in all this? What about 9/11? We discuss this and more with Dr. Greer. Dr. Greer’s new film is based on free energy, we lost a century of evolution due to mainly greed but plenty more to that. The payoff numbers we discuss, including offers to him, are out of this world, deaths, all to keep this quiet. In this episode, you will fully understand why.

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The Lost Century and How To Reclaim It: https://thelostcenturyfilm.com⁠⁠

A Crowdfunded film that raised over $600,000 and met its crowdfunding goal, you can read about it here https://thelostcenturyfilm.Com/#about

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