The Fresh & Fit Podcast is the best male self-improvement podcast in the world. Myron & Walt (Fresh), YT: @FreshFitMiami IG: freshandfitpodcast | Grab Myron’s Bestselling book, “Why Women Deserve Less”: It exposes uncomfortable truths in this day & age, as well as the female nature used to manipulate men into being controlled, instructed, or submissive. Often taken out of context, just like there are 3000 shows on Men getting over on women, The Fresh & Fit Podcast is the opposite. Saving men from misery, bad decisions, drug use, and even suicide. The man uncomfortable truths in today’s society and in dating, based on stats when women should really date seriously vs men and why. Why is there a rise in weak men? Fewer men having sex than ever before and why.

Walt & Myron are much of than just Masculine males trying to help others, they are well-educated. We discuss the current woke agenda, the players behind it all, war, politics, free speech, Donald Trump, and more. Myron’s background comes from homeland security, Walt IT.

The podcast was launched 3 years ago, it only started gaining massive traction back in 2021, when Fresh & Fit introduced their after-hours special. – this is where they interview women on their show at night – . They have interviewed over 2,000 women.

A full episode in which we touch on all areas of life.

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