Headache Trading Co. is a retro, vintage, rare, authentic store in South Florida. How do they know if a retro is real? What to look for? They know! They have the rarest shoes shirts and more than any other store in all of Florida. Retro Air Jordans, Yeezy Sneakers, Rare Nike’s, Addidas, and more. It doesn’t just end there, Niam and Jerret are part of 2 centers Still Detox and The Healing Place, both with a past, they have been through it, that to me makes them so valuable to those in need been there. It blew my Vintage, Retro store all authentic, to wear along with centers. So impressed by these 3 men. So mature, they don’t talk over each other, they’re very responsible. Starting in Lake Worth for years, sleeping at the store all paid off. IMO they have the largest inventory of retro and hard-to-find sneakers in Florida including Miami. The story of how they got to where they are is worth it in itself. Niam, Cam, Jerret, my guys. It was a pleasure, I wish you the best and hope to see you back shortly. What a team you guys are!
Check out my friends, Niam, Jerret & Cam:
Headache Trading Co. Rare Sneakers & More:
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Sage Garments
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The Home Place
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Still Detox
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