John Rouke owner of Blue Line Moving, Storage, Pressure Washing has been featured on Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Newsmax, and more.
A Marine Vet who took his own time and decided he was going to make an effort to clean up the country he was born in. He did just that. John Rouke and others went to Inner City Baltimore to clean up, well on the first day there 2 guys OD and ends up with a team cleaning and removing 25 tons +, as in tons of trash. Keeping his effort and word, next he goes to TX, thinking it cannot get any worse than Baltimore he was wrong. 1st day where he ends up pulling 3 men out of the river is just a complete mess you have to watch it and let him explain what is going on, however, he finished the job like the man he is. Johns company Blue Line Moving, Storage nationwide, pressure washing cleaning, and more, we go over some of the shady disgraceful things other not so up on the up companies do. I have nothing but gratitude to say about John, he found a way to get on Tucker Carlson and others and get the message out, as you watch or listen it was not just a phone call, he did the work and got the job done like the proud respectful kind man he is. Meeting a guy like John Rouke for me is one of the reasons I enjoy this so much. I’m thankful that was got the chance to meet John and call him a friend. John is a loyal, family man who works hard, has drive and wish nothing but success. Thank you for your time, respect, and kindness. Big shout out to Mike O for the networking. Learn something, just like I did myself from the guys from Headache Mscs Media *155, I learned a lot from John as well. Loyalty, Drive, Success, stand for what you believe without pushing yourself on other people, and get the job done.
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