John Rourke, Owner of Blue Line Moving NationWide returned from Eagle Pass, TX to help “shine a light” on what’s actually happening at the border.

Full uncensored Episode:

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John says: “I’ve seen hundreds of deceased people who didn’t make it, including [migrants who died from being] dehydrated,” Benavides said. “But when it comes to children, it’s completely different. An adult can make the decision to cross — but not the children. He didn’t get a chance to decide.”

The funeral home director described “decomposed bodies floating on the river,” arriving in numbers he’s never seen in his years working in the funeral home business. “It’s been 16 cases in three days. And it’s not stopping — it’s getting worse. I don’t want this anymore.

John Rourke has one of the best-reviewed moving companies in the country:




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