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Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is the modern-day Edison with over 200 patents, such as the QR Code, a life-saving medical device that will affix to your phone so that you can scan your body at the micro level and catch any illness including cancer while it is still minute. He is fighting vigorously to defend the freedom of voting in America so that America will continue to be the land of the free.

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He’s a remarkable man with incredible genius. Pulitzer is regularly one of the top inventors ⁠month to⁠ ⁠month in the⁠⁠ United States. Pulitzer’s patents have been licensed to more than 330 companies, ranging from early-stage firms to Fortune 100 Industry Leaders such as eBay, IBM, AOL, Cisco, Google, Walgreen, Samsung, Best Buy Co, Intuit. Jovan’s life has been in danger numerous times for speaking out which we discuss.

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