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Mario Rinaldi is a form professional MMS fight. Almost 50 fights in the books, 1 loss. Mario has also been managing nightclubs in South FL, Austin TX and other. Mario has managed at the top level the likes of Tootsies, Ricks,, Rhino, and Monroes.

John Rourke has been featured on Tucker Carlson, Newsmax, New York Times and more. John went to TX and MD and did a massive 25 ton clean up, people OD’ing, Drowning next up AZ. John also met the president and gives his thoughts on the current war with Russia and Ukraine, as a Military vet what he thinks Putin is doing and thoughts on China Twain.  John is also the owner of Blue Line Moving. Nationwide, moving, packing, cleaning. Easy scheduling and premier service. IG: bluelinemoving

Tyler Bendeson the author of Kaizen Your Life. Dr. Sebi, was one of Tyler’s mentors, a well-known healer who Nipsey Hussle was set to do a documentary, but both were murdered in a short amount of time between each other. Tyler is a certified yoga Nidra guide,  A one stripe white belt in Jiu-Jitsu.  Tyler believes in plant me

Lillo Brancato and Meadow from the Sopranos have a film coming out, most likely 2023 due to not wanting to miss the Tribeca. Lillo also has the blockbuster Sleep Head also delayed but coming soon. Lillo who has done a 360 with his career has 6 projects in the works, 4 films pre, post-production and 2 currently filming in product

Roger Stone F We talk about his recent battle with the O. Is Hillary running? Michelle? the Subpoenae in which landed him a day in Washington D.C., why was he subpoenaed and why with AJ? The best part is Stone destorying Biden…

John Tiegen “TIG” is best known for the Benghazi disaster where Tig and his team were stuck for 13 hours waiting on some type of assistance. He and his team were dodging major fires, mortars, the paint had diesel fuel it in, absolutely insane. We go into what really happen made not what is wanted to be believed. Tig and

Greg Kading solved the murders of 2pac Shakur and Biggies Smalls. Greg tells all in detail, including the first time 2pac was shot, he was not shot 5 times. Prior to 2pac’s death, 2pac realized who shot him1994 at Quad Studios. Diddy and Smalls had nothing to do with it. We don’t stop there. I ask Greg what he thinks abo

Robert Bado among many things explained in detail with facts that the Big Bang, never happened, created a new form of interstellar propulsion capable of transporting people from the Earth to Mars in under 7 days! He believes within a year this will be available for use, there is no such thing as a Proton. 7,  what happens when y


Andrew Bustamante is a former covert CIA intelligence officer, decorated military combat veteran, and successful Fortune 10 corporate advisor. After 20 years of leading human and technical intelligence operations for corporate and government clients, Andrew founded – the first-ever online platform designed to tea

Charlie Cifarelli found Star, a dog who was shot in the head in new york and maced. Somehow she survived, Charlie spent 8 months or more trying to find Star. Charlie was living in a van in his 20’s going through a tough time in his life. All he had was his dog and van. One day the dog was outside and was hit by 2 cars but li


David Lucas is not only a very comedian but a very good friend. So much so it’s expected he go on tour with Joe Rogan sometime this year.  David also is starting a new roast youtube channel, a new website with all kinds of merch. David is often featured on Kill Tony Youtube channel. David also fired his manager. David is one

Grant Ganzi, Josh Sagman, and Spencer Kash come in to promote their LLS White Party Charity Event at the Polo Club in Wellington Florida. Grant, A Priemer Polo Player, Philanthropist, and LLS AllStar. LLS man of the year as well at only 23! Grant himself at his age decided he wanted to give back and star

Willie Roaf is an NFL first-round pick, NFL Hall Of Famer, College Football Hall Of Fame. Willie played for the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs. Out of 301 offensive line players the Saints drafted, Willie was the only player since 1967 to make the Hall Of Fame. Willie made it to the Pro Bowl 11 times and 9 times All-P

Lillo Brancato is best known for his role in A Bronx Tale playing the teenage version of Calogero. ( Charlie in Italian ) Lillo also plays in Soprano’s 2nd season as Matthew Bevilacqua. Lillo is actually born in Colombia but was adopted by a wonderful Italian family.  The fame all started one day at Jones beach when a scout 

Matthew Cox A Good Friend Known As King Of Mortgage Fraud, On America’s Most Wanted List Does A Commercial With Newt Gingrich. We Discuss How That Came About And What’s To Come In The Future.

Headache Trading Co. is a retro, vintage, rare, authentic store in South Florida. How do they know if a retro is real? What to look for? They know! They have the rarest shoes shirts and more than any other store in all of Florida. Retro Air Jordans, Yeezy Sneakers, Rare Nike’s, Addidas, and more. It doesn’t just end ther

Bobby Sausalito is a Comedian, commentator, and Internet personality most notably recognized on Instagram as @takenaps. He is a self-proclaimed “loud-mouthed New England guido” living in South Florida and making comedy videos about politics, the economy, current events, real estate, roasting, travel, and dubious obse

Tim Mcbride, the Saltwater Cowboy transported tons and tons of Marijuana from Mexico to Miami among other places, and stops along the way. It was so insane in the Everglades, Fl, when they did a rid it took out 80% of the mil population in the county! This was 4 generations strong. In1984 almost half of the marijuana was supplied

Joseph McBratney is an actor in such films as Hitch, a game show contestant on many show in which he won. Joseph lost his father at an early age when 3 men in NY opened fire. Joseph is also a Private Investigator for any and everything, a documentary about to be released and he also helps those who need with addiction. Get help

Bek Lover my good friend returns. We discuss CERN which is incredible and scary. Human vs machine. CRISPR-Cas9 (Gene Altering). We also go through past predictions Bek has made one hit on the nail and one’s maybe he didn’t or did he? In end, we get Bek’s future predictions. He’s been right. A very good friend who

John Cruz, in loving memory of my dear friend for years that was unable to get the help he needed because of that h’s gone. John was a Marine Sergeant who fought in the cold war. He was able to complete boot camp and attended the School of Infantry (SOI) and completed it in record time.  John continued his missions, has been to almost every country on the planet, spent 90 days in the woods with an 80lb backpack, jumped out of an airplane with no

Alejandro Borgos, Alex from Sovereign Self Dfs comes in to explain PTSD or PTS-Awesome, amount other things, one that really hit home for me and I think will for many, the refusal to return.This applies to anything in life, any situation, any trauma, drama, and the refusal to come back to reality, Alex explains this and the fix better tha

Michael Dowd, from the documentary The Seven Five returns. Michael Dowd discusses the opportunity he had to be on Mob TV with Larry Mazza, which led to a tough decision when he found out Mazza shot his friend.   Micky Munday, also someone he worked with, was arrested in an automobile tagging and or Insurance fraud, who then aske