Dr. Peter A. McCullough is a board-certified cardiologist. Spike Protein Formula ⁠spikeformulapm⁠ | ⁠mcculloughfnd.org⁠ | ⁠substack.com⁠ |⁠petermcculloughmd.com⁠ | ⁠IG⁠ | Another pandemic on the way? Dr. McCullough was one of the first on top of COVID-19 with the famous McCullough Protocol. New Mask coming soon, flights, etc. Dr. McCullough pointed out that all aspects of transgender medicine lead to mental and physical harm in children, including suicide. When young women have double mastectomies to look like men, roughly 1/3 report having issues and 40% of these women had psychiatric diagnoses. Poor peer relations are a key determinant of gender dysphoria

In addition to being at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19 vaccines, he also writes and speaks out against transgender ideology. Why it’s so dangerous. The misconceptions do parents have about gender reassignment surgery?  The shocking truth about these surgeries and aftermath.

It seems very soon masks will be back, flights delayed, and maybe even lockdowns. 1/3 of European shots are placebos, and did Pfizer know? According to data, 1 of 3 things will happen if you have gotten the vaccine. Which of the 3 is most likely as to what, based on what happened after the injection?

Why won’t they just tell the truth? There is no one better to talk to than my friend, Dr. Peter A. Mccullough


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Book: Courage to Face COVID-19

Courageous Discourse Substack

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Intro – 00:00:00
Digital tracking – 0:03:49
Precision lab tests save lives I Spike Protein Formula0 – 13:21
Chinas transformation since World War Two – 0:19:22
Manufacturing leads vaccine induced mycarditis – 0:22:17
Hillary Clintons healthcare panel disbanded over privacy concerns – 0:31:49
Mayo Clinics reliance on second opinions – 0:35:48
Dallas hospital saved Kennedys life -0:37:37
Putins smart, loves Russia, fakes plane crash -0:51:54
Canadian doctor indicted for corruption – 0:54:12
FDA, Ivermectin, & More – 0:57:27
John leeks bestseller hottest single guy – 0:58:02
Peter on Jamie Fox,LeBron James Son,Hamlin and many more – 1:01:10
Private school mandates vaccines that cause heart damage – 1:01:59
Researching who called and why? – 1:02:11
Brawny James teammates survived cardiac arrests due to vaccines – 1:05:29
Paramedics save NBA player Oscar Cabreros life – 1:08:22
Private conversation with Jamie Fox reveals he knew vaccines werent safe – 1:11:20
Jamie foxs stroke, weight loss, tubes in his stomach – 1:14:44
Why vaccines go to the heart – 1:16:19
Recurring cardiac arrest in athletes linked to vaccines – 1:44:13
Twitter Compilation People passing out on TV – 1:48:14
Faith in doctors warnings about vaccine risks – 1:49:47
Blue Cross paid doctors quarter million dollars for vaccines – 1:54:44
Iowa was the vaccination location for poultry – 1:55:06
Medical school, poliot shots – 1:58:30
Vaccinations pose risks, especially meningococcal, allergy shots – 2:09:35
Donald Trumps family, political independence – 2:13:28
Eco Health Alliances Peter Dasik Big Money, Big Lie – 2:29:39
McCulloch protocol saved millions of lives – 2:30:17
Vitamin D, vitamin C, and peps id prevent macular degeneration – 2:30:57
Iodine nasal spray, gargled, and lawyer indictments – 2:34:01
Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis Cant be Trump – 2:34:01
Dr. Peter A.Mcculough warns of mask, new virus coming Sept 23 – 02:38:17
Discussing his decision to vote for Hillary Clinton – 2:52:58
Rules for voting Name, education, scorecard, logging in – 2:57:17
Homosexuality has been going on since millennia – 3:01:32
Changing gender because of autism, horrific surgeries – 3:09:45
Five percent of transgender boys get penis surgery – 3:12:14
Child psychiatrist Miriam Grossman gender affirmation for parents – 3:17:22
Growth in male breast implants, pornography in schools – 3:25:06
Taking salt in water for health benefits – 3:29:00
Running marathons in all 50 states – 3:29:37
Was the Maui forest fire deliberately started- 3:32:05