Roger Reaves | Smuggling for Pablo Escobar | Medellin Cartel | 5 Prison Escapes | Mscs Media *236

Full Uncut Interview @Spotify Exclusive:

Roger Reaves Smuggled for Pablo Escobar, Medellin Cartel, and others. Rogers’s book Smuggler is being turned into a 30-50 part episode series. The Movie American Made starring Tom Cruise Full Interview Only @Spotify :  had 2 scripts the original which was the true story, but then came 2016, the script had changed, Roger says ” They got it all wrong”, oddly throughout his smuggling for some reason Arkansas was 50k a load at the time, everywhere else was 5k a load….. Arkansas – More $ than anywhere – 2016 script changes? Roger grew up as a farm boy in GA, making moonshine, to expert pilot to smuggling massive amounts of pot that are mind-blowing. Roger escaped capture countless times, the plane was on fire, and the plane was shot up 80 times by, an AK-47 to name a few. Roger was tortured in prison many times. Roger did over 11 years the most in history for a probation/parole violation and was also the biggest bust in Australian history. Roger’s partner Barry Seal, ended up working with the CIA / DEA, and Rogers ended up doing over 30 years in prison on a life sentence released due to the pandemic. His wife stuck by him the entire time. Is Roger this harsh Criminal? You be the judge.

Roger Reaves:


American Made: Movie Vs History:


Introduction: 0:00 –  – Delivering by hand a baby deer and saving the deer’s life from Alaska to one of the best zoos in the world: 06:00 – The book Smuggler 12:10 Growin up in GA making moonshine 42:21 Getting shot down 51:32 Escapes 01:17:22 Pablo Escobar 01:17:02 Barry Seal | Movie Blow 01:33:11 80 holes filed by AK-47 into plane 02:10:04 Tortured in prison 02:46:31  Wife never left 02:51:21

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