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Samuel Armes Founder, Director & President of the Florida Blockchain Business Association. https://www.fbba.io  Samuel also worked with Florida’s 109 billion dollar budget. Samuel went to the University of South Florida- BA, Economics Bachelor of Arts – BA, Economics Bachelor of Science – BS, Finance Bachelor of Science. We discuss Hackers who stole around $477 million worth of cryptocurrency from collapsed exchange FTX and have started to launder the funds into Bitcoin. Samuel shows maps, data, and so on how this entire operation occurred to the best of our knowledge We also discuss step by step with data, Sam Bankman Fried from as far we know he became involved until now.

Stay in touch with Samuel Armes, esp if you want factual information based on anything cryptocurrency

Florida Blockchain Business Association: https://www.fbba.io 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuelarmes

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