Scott Salem aka , better known as Scott The Engineer of the Howard Stern show, is a production, sound/broadcast engineer. Scott spent 33 Years With Howard Stern. Scott was there for the days of the VH-1 show, the movie, and more. Who is Scott behind the Stern show? What did Scott actually do there for 33 years? All that and more including why he has been so close with Stuttering John for so long! A vet in radio! Contact Scott Salem: ➔Please check out our Sponsors ➔Manscaped: Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code MSCSMEDIA at : Hormone levels falling? Use MSCSMEDIA to get 25% ➔ZBiotics: 15% off on your first order with code: MSCSMEDIA Go to ZBiotics Probiotic is a genetically engineered probiotic you drink before drinking to avoid that rough next morning and get back to living your life. ➔Horome levels falling? Use MSCSMEDIA to get 25% off home test: Ty LetsGetChecked. ➔Fiji: $5 off free shipping Unleash ➔Monster Energy: ➔Aura: See if any of your passwords have been compromised. Try 14 days for free: Thank you to Aura ➔ Stay Connected With MSCS MEDIA on Spotify Exclusive: Watch all Mscs Media Video Podcasts UNCENSORED and UNCUT.: ► (1st time watching a video podcast on Spotify when you hit play a settings pop-up will show, tap under the settings pop-up to watch the video playing.) ► All Links to MSCS MEDIA: #howardstern #radio #mscsmedia