21 05, 2023

Jesse Lee Peterson – Author, Viral Content Creator, Founder Of B.O.N.D, Labeled As Anti-Black, But Just The Opposite Mscs Media #313

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Jesse Lee Peterson has appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, BET, Newsmax TV, OANN, RT News, Bill Maher, Geraldo Rivera, Phil Donahue, InfoWars, The Daily Wire & more. Daily Show: jesseleepeterson.com/show  YouTube @jlptalk [...]

27 04, 2023

Designsbyp3rry -Creator of ufo lamp w/ Bob Lazar, projects w/ Star Wars & More | Ripped Off DJ Marshmello #302

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Designsbyp3rry https://www.instagram.com/designsbyp3rry is the design wizard behind the spectacular UFO lamps gracing Joe Rogan's studio. The mastermind who crafted the iconic outfit for world-renowned DJ Marshmello, who completely ripped him off. The [...]

21 04, 2023

Deandre Morgan Professional Sports World To Bails Bondsman Now A Thriving Fitness Empire Dynamic Fitness Pro’s Mscs Media #300

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Deandre Morgan, Former College Footballs player starting with many who went Professional and won Super bowls on track to go to the NFL, to Bails Bondsman with other starting college [...]