Tony Verdugo thanks to DJ Legato comes by @MSCS MEDIA to discuss his new operation here in South Florida. Tony is known worldwide as the club fixer. He finds a club that he sees potential but it’s just not working. Tony comes in recons, fires staff, and sets his team. Tony however is not normal. He studies. He has a clicker, he will spend weeks months whatever it may take to come up with a solid team to revamp and nothing gets in his way. For example, he went to just about every club in downtown west palm beach with his old school clicker, and would click how many people said hi to DJ Legato, how many hugs, he studied the bartenders, he studied the maintenance guy, he actually gave a maintenance guy and position the man could only dream of, I asked what, why he has no experience, Tony said that’s not the point when I asked him to work overtime, he never complained, never asked for a raise never was late, stay later then asked and never said a word, that’s why. The most amazing thing about Tony is he is not what you would think at all he is a soft-spoken gentleman. Did I ask why the nightclubs the money? He laughs, it’s not about money for me, money is not happiness. The reason Tony went this path is that more than anything he enjoys seeing people happy, when your at a club your drinking dancing, all your issues are away for those few hours, and your happy, Tony does this and I believe him, truly to see others happy and give those who would maybe never have the opportunity, and opportunity because Tony recognizes hard work and loyalty. He feels every single person that walks in one of the clubs he has revamped should be treated like a VIP, he feels the doorman, the bartender security whether you spend 200 for 20k that everyone should know your name. Then the VIPs are god, but the person with only $200 to spend, is treated like a VIP. Anther among many I could go on and on, Tony has not had a drink in roughly 10 years, he realized he needs to be aware at all times. I have to get him back in again he is wisdom.

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Tonys Background:

Currently Revamping Rhino in West Palm. The largest nightclub in the world over 78 locations.

Creator at Drai’s After Hours Las Vegas ( Largest Club In Vegas )


Former Vice President at Sienna Entertainment ( that is serious ):

VIP Concierge & Luxury Travel Agency (Since 2003)

Las Vegas + Miami + Los Angeles + NYC + San Francisco

London + Ibiza + Sydney + Mykonos + Rio + St Barth.

Nightclubs,Pools,Hotel,Shows,Tickets,Flights,Limos, Concerts,

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties.

Worked at In Between Productions::

Bridging the gap between entertainment, advertisers, and audience without interrupting life.

We partner with advertisers to create entertaining content that engages their audience and encourages active participation.

Advertiser’s become a part of the entertainment not a “pause” to it!

Advertising no longer has to stop life only enhance it! ormer Entertainment Division at RUNWAY

Chronicles: Reality show scout – Reality Show with Jody Sigmund

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I want to personally thank DJ Legato for thinking of me, and for Tony to be so kind to take time away from his project which he does not have to come in. DJ Legato will be in soon to explain in his version how everything happened for him as he is now the general manager of Rhino. Tony doesn’t lose, I like that.

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