Victor Concepcion: Selected for Super Bowel 24, as the host committee. Victor is also GM of the Speak Easy Luxury Social Club IG: @335caponepb therealvictorg1 co-founder of Wheels Wings Fashion Full Episode:

Concepcion was able to pull off a chartiy even including rapper T.I. and Denise Richards. Get your tickets now, CLICK HERE. TBT Prom Charity Event Saturday, September 16.

Victor teamed up with Tito’s before Tito’s what TITO”S. He has now teamed up with Chaser Water.

This will be the second time Victor has been chosen to be a part of the host committee for the Super bowel. This year’s famous, Wheels Wings & Fashion event, hours prior, Victor had a medical emergency out of nowhere in which he was rushed to the hospital counting on his team to carry roughly 70% of the weight.

DAER Swim Week

Comedy night at 335 Capone speakeasy Saturday August 26
Speed dating at 335 Capone Wednesday August 30

Scotch & Sharks Annual Fins & Skins Golf Tournament

Friday, September 15 Https://